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Review: Whole 30 by Melissa HartwigSource: Gift, Library Borrowed

Format: eBook, Hardcover

The Whole 30: The official 30-day guide to total health and food freedom by Melissa Hartwig, Dallas Hartwig

Date Read: December 2015

Genre: Cookbook

Get on the path to better health, effortless weight loss, and incredible improvements in sleep quality, energy, and mood with THE WHOLE30.

Melissa and Dallas Hartwig are the authors of New York Times bestseller IT STARTS WITH FOOD, which has taken America by storm, and the founders of the Whole9, an online community focused on health, fitness, and sanity serving 1.5 million visitors a month.

Their new book THE WHOLE30 provides all the resources you need to reset your health. Based on Paleo diet principles, this is not a traditional diet book but a way to implement lasting change in your life by eating real food for 30 days. By following the WHOLE30 programme, the authors argue that you can reclaim your health and transform your relationship with food in the long term. The authors' positive empowering message and the health benefits and weight loss this programme can bring make this book potentially life changing.

Motivating and inspiring with just the right amount of Dallas' and Melissa's signature tough love, THE WHOLE30 features real-life success stories, answers to common questions, detailed elimination and reintroduction guidelines, and more than 100 recipes using familiar ingredients, from simple one-pot meals to complete dinner party menus.

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Overall Rating: 3.50
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Recipe Rating: 3.50

First Thought when Finished: I think The Whole 30 would appeal to those with an expanded veggie/meat pallet and would be easy to follow. For me though there just wasn’t enough variety to stick to long term.

Overall Thoughts: I have been looking for a real food guide for a bit and heard about Whole 30 from a friend. While I think this eating plan would work for many (and has)–it is a bit too restrictive for me. I need something that I can stick with and this just isn’t it. I am however putting many of the recipes into my eating plan. Funny thing is my plan is similar to theirs but with a few tweaks (I am all about the perimeter of the store—heavy on the veggie/meat end, light on the milk/cheese end). I am glad that I read it though!

Recipe Thoughts: There are several recipes that I bookmarked to try. I will say that there were a good number and most of them pretty simple. Could you find them online? I think most you could but it was good to have them bundled with reference. As with any “whole” food or unprocessed type of recipe–there are numerous steps, lots of cutting, and it takes more than 15 min. However, many sounded simple enough to prep ahead (or at least parts) and freeze. I would suggest (if you don’t like spending all your time in the kitchen–I don’t) to hit up what veggies and meats you can prep ahead and freeze for quick prep later.

Final Thoughts: I am keeping the book for the recipes. I probably won’t follow the eating plan outright.

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12 responses to “Review: Whole 30 by Melissa Hartwig

  1. Georgia

    I was able to follow this for the Whole 30 ( I didn’t get the book, I follow them on IG for the recipes). I will probably do another round in March. The hardest thing for me to give up was legumes. I love lentils and hummus. I did discover that I could eat a whole avocado almost every day. Haft at breakfast and half at lunch as the “mayo” in tuna salad.

    • I could give up most things that they wanted for 30 days but their reintroduction left a lot to be desired. The avocado thing though was totally appealing LOL πŸ™‚ I will be watching to see how you feel in March–if their plan had a better forever type of eating plan I would have been more on board.

  2. I just read an article that had dietitian’s rate the popular diets and this came in last. I don’t know much about it but I had assumed it wasn’t so restrictive for some reason.

    I usually pick a few recipes to try out of these type of books but don’t follow the whole diet.

  3. This sounds interesting, but if it’s too restrictive I probably wouldn’t stick to it. I’m considering looking into a few mediterranean diet cookbooks this year. I hear that it’s a little easier to stick to.