Audiobook Review: Two Weeks Notice by Rachel Caine

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Format: Audiobook

Two Weeks' Notice by Rachel Caine
Narrator: Julia Whelan
Length: 9 hrs and 52 mins

Date Read: November 2013

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

After dying and being revived with the experimental drug Returne, Bryn Davis is theoretically free to live her unlife—with regular doses to keep her going. But Bryn knows that the government has every intention of keeping a tight lid on Pharmadene’s life-altering discovery, no matter the cost. Thankfully, some things have changed for the better; her job at the rechristened Davis Funeral Home is keeping her busy and her fragile romance with Patrick McCallister is blossoming—thanks in part to their combined efforts in forming a support group for Returne addicts. But when some of the group members suddenly disappear, Bryn wonders if the government is methodically removing a threat to their security, or if some unknown enemy has decided to run the zombies into the ground…

More Information:
Publisher: Roc, Tantor
Series: Revivalist, #2

Also by this author: Glass Houses, Ill Wind, Working Stiff, Heat Stroke, Undone
Also in this series: Working Stiff, Terminated

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Listened/Read for Fun (Audible/Paperback)
Tracking Books Read Review (Short)
Overall Rating: 4.25
Story Rating: 4.00
Character Rating: 4.50

Audio Rating: 4.00 (not part of the overall rating)

First Thought when Finished: OH MY Two Week’s Notice was such a good listen! I am so glad I had Terminated ready to go when I finished.

Overall Thoughts: I have pretty much devoured this series back to back. Two Weeks Notice did exactly what the middle book in a trilogy should do: advance the story. We got more action, romance, back story, and emotion. Middle books should always be the “meat” of the trilogy and this one delivered. Bryn (the leading lady) is probably one of my favorite characters in Urban Fantasy. She is kick ass but mostly she is just dealing with the hand that she has been dealt. I tend to admire the leading ladies that are “human” about their circumstances. The rest of the cast of characters are great too. My favorite thing about Rachel Caine is she writes characters that I care about and want to root for! The Revivalist series though is probably my favorite!

Audio Thoughts:

Narrated By Julia Whelan /Length: 9 hrs and 52 mins

Julia does a fantastic job with Bryn and the rest of the characters in this series. Her pacing and rhythm are very well done. She also has one of those voices that you can listen to on higher speeds and it doesn’t distort at all. Overall very well done.

Final Thoughts: I love this series!


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Story Rating
4 / 5
Character Rating
4.5 / 5
Narrator Rating
4 / 5
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10 responses to “Audiobook Review: Two Weeks Notice by Rachel Caine

  1. I have been wanting to read this series for a while. Rachel Caine is one of my favourite authors. I loved her Weather Warden series <3 Have you read it yet??

    Great review Felicia! Hmmm wondering if I should try the audio version now… *ponders* tee hee!

    • I have read The Weather Warden (the first 3–I am hoping to get the rest for Christmas). If you like those then you will love these. It is classic Caine writing!

  2. I really want to read this now! Probably will do kindle now since I have book one there. Good to hear the narration is good though in case I go that route. I seem to be going through audios faster than kindle lately.