Felicia & Donna Review: The Scottish Duke by Karen Ranney #Audiobook #CoverGirls

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Format: Audiobook

The Scottish Duke by Karen Ranney
Narrator: Tim Campbell
Length: 9 hrs and 22 mins

Date Read: January 2017

Genre: Historical, Romance

New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney returns with the first novel in a new series about dashing, charismatic dukes—and the women who tame them…

Though raised as a gentleman’s daughter, Lorna Gordon is obliged to take a position as an upstairs maid at Blackhall Castle when her father dies. Alex Russell, the Duke of Kinross, is the most tempting man she’s ever seen—and completely unattainable—until, at a fancy dress ball, Lorna disguises herself as Marie Antoinette and pursues an illicit tryst…with scandalous consequences.

Months after his mysterious seductress disappears, Alex encounters her again. Far from the schemer the distrustful duke assumed her to be, Lorna is fiercely independent and resourceful. She’s the one woman capable of piercing his defenses. But when danger threatens Lorna, Alex must prove himself not just the lover of her fantasies, but the man who will fight to protect her.

More Information:
Publisher: HarperAudio
Series: Duke Trilogy #1

Donna’s Review: (Personal Copy)

I wasn’t sure I was going to like the hero, Alex Russell (Duke of Kinross), in this book, but as his past was explained I became more sympathetic to a young man who lost his father and siblings. He did not make a good choice when selecting his first wife and as such does not want another. He spends his time on his scientific studies.

On the other hand, I loved the heroine, Lorna Gordon. When her father dies, she is determined to finish his work, and takes a job as a maid at Blackhall Castle. While the servants there are well treated, and known by Alex’s mother, the Duke pays very little attention to his staff unless he is conducting one of his studies.

Lorna falls in love with Alex and sneaks into a costumed ball. She catches his attention and they go to the conservatory and make love, but when he discovers she was a virgin he thinks she plans to blackmail him. He never recognizes her as one of his maids. When her pregnancy is too far to hide, she moves into a nearby village. She uses her knowledge of herbs to make balms to sell at the market.

He learns of her pregnancy and takes her to live in one of the estate’s cottages. As he gets to know her, he starts to care for her. When his mother insists she doesn’t want her grandchild born a bastard, he agrees to marry Lorna. While he loves his son, he is not sure about Lorna and spends much time away from home, though he misses her.

There are several very good secondary characters, some good and some bad. There are other things going on at Blackhall, evil and good, that I don’t wish to spoil. This book starts slowly and improves as it goes along. I enjoyed it.



Felicia’s Review:

Read for Fun (Audible)
Overall Rating: 3.75
Character Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 3.50

Audio Rating: 4.00

Quick Thoughts: I admit that in the beginning I had a hard time with the troupe but the characters won me over. I really loved Lorna and came to root for Alex. Alex’s mom though is the BEST MOTHER-IN-LAW EVER! This ended up being a very pleasant listen 🙂

Audio Thoughts:

Narrated By Tim Campbell / Length: 9 hrs and 22 mins

I don’t think that I have listened to Tim before but I very much enjoyed his performance. His accents and emotions were pretty spot on. His female voices were pretty good too. I will listen to him again in the future.

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Overall Rating
4 / 5
Story Rating
4 / 5
Character Rating
4 / 5
Narrator Rating
4 / 5
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6 responses to “Felicia & Donna Review: The Scottish Duke by Karen Ranney #Audiobook #CoverGirls

  1. Well you ladies know I loved this too – when I sat down and did my review, I realized that I was a 4 star not a 5 star like I said at book club. But I really enjoyed it – mostly because of the characters. The secret pregnancy didn’t bother me, but how it happened did. I had forgotten that I didn’t love the way the book started until I sat down to write my review. Loved the narration, Felicia. I still think I’ve read him before but I can’t place him.

  2. I am surprised that this was narrated by a man. Interesting. It sounds like a good one. Glad to hear the mother in law wasnt’ a villain for once.

  3. Been meaning to ask you. When did you add a blogger to your site, been seeing lots of Donna’s reviews and for a few minutes thought she might be your alter ego but this one has both of you on it….lol. 🙂 I must have missed something. 🙂

    Sounds like an interesting read!

    • I have been sick all week so I haven’t been around much. She is a bookclub friend of mine that really loves historical romance. I knew that I was in a review writing funk so when she offered to fill the space I jumped on it. She is such a sweet gal 🙂 🙂