Audiobook Review: The Rebel Bride by Catherine Coulter

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Audiobook Review: The Rebel Bride by Catherine CoulterSource: Audiobook Review, Library Borrowed, Provided by Brilliance

Format: Audiobook

The Rebel Bride by Catherine Coulter
Narrator: Anne Flosnik
Length: 11 hrs and 23 mins

Date Read: January 2016

Genre: Historical, Romance


Clearly young Lady Katharine Brandon was a beauty, with her rich auburn hair, striking green eyes, flawless face and form. But a beauty was one thing Katharine clearly had no interest in being.

She dressed in a young man's breeches, practiced dueling with pistol and rapier, gambled with cards, defied her father's commands and evaded all suitors.

Imagine Katharine's surprise when the fabulously wealthy, notoriously pleasure-loving , Julien St. Clair, Earl of March, demanded her as his wife. Imagine her dismay when her father asked and received his price for yielding her to this man. But no one in all of English society could ever imagine what could happen when a lord who would not be denied and a woman who refused to be mastered turned marriage into a game in which it took far more than love to conquer all ....

More Information:
Publisher: Brilliance Audio, Signet
Series: Regency #2


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Overall Rating: 3.00
Story Rating: 2.50
Character Rating: 3.50

Audio Rating: 4.00 (not part of the rating)

First Thoughts when Finished: The Rebel Bride is one of those books from my early reading days that I loved but unfortunately has about 20% towards the end that is really hard to handle now that I am older.

Quick Thoughts: I used to love Bodice Rippers. I would devour them. I am sure when I was 16 that I wanted to be kidnapped by a Pirate and fall in love. What does that have to do with The Rebel Bride? There was always an element to the kidnapping where the woman’s body would betray her and fall in bed with a man that she did not know or even like. The way they are written always walks the line of consent. In the 80s/90s this was standard and I hate to admit swoon-worthy. Now it just doesn’t sit well at all. There is about 20% of this story that I wish would get updated (even more than it did) because otherwise Julien and Kate are fantastic characters. Their conversations are witty, fun, and downright charming. So I enjoyed 80% of the story/banter/love story. It is just that 20% really that forced my story rating. It really did bring down the whole story. I even knocked off a little on the character rating because of that part (Julien not Kate). Overall though, I still enjoyed the banter!

Audio Thoughts

Narrated By Anne Flosnik / Length: 11 hrs and 23 mins

Anne did a FANTASTIC job. I have always said that she is one of my favorite historical romance narrators and she didn’t let me down. It was an enjoyable listen (though I had to read the part I knew I would have trouble with so I could get through it quicker).


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Overall Rating
3 / 5
Story Rating
2.5 / 5
Character Rating
3.5 / 5
Narrator Rating
4 / 5
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6 responses to “Audiobook Review: The Rebel Bride by Catherine Coulter

  1. Didn’t we all want to be swept away at 16, I would have been very happy to be taken by an Elve from Rivendale. It can be really hard to reread a book you loved as an adolescent. I’ve always found myself to be more critical. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t live up, but at least you enjoyed the narration.

  2. YES!! I used to devour bodice rippers like they were going out of style. I’ve reread a couple of my faves from long ago and, yeah, I just wasn’t that into it — I laughed my way through it, shaking my head the whole time. (DARN those pirates!!)