Audiobook Review: Storm Bound by Dani Harper

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Audiobook Review: Storm Bound by Dani HarperSource: Audiobook Review, Provided by Brilliance

Format: Audiobook

Storm Bound by Dani Harper
Narrator: Justine Eyre
Length: 9 hrs and 25 mins

Date Read: April 2014

Genre: PNR, Romance

From the bestselling author of Changeling Moon, this thrilling and sensual novel adds a new chapter to Dani Harper’s Celtic folklore–themed Grim Series.

Kidnapped on his wedding day in the twelfth century and forced into a thousand years of servitude by a cold-hearted faery princess, rugged blacksmith Aidan dreams of nothing but revenge on his captor. Then the spell of a beautiful witch awakens him to the present day—and a passionate desire. But to build a future, he must first confront his past…

Modern witch and magic-shop owner Brooke doesn’t think her life is missing anything, until a wayward enchantment lands a brooding medieval blacksmith in her spell room—and in her arms. Yet even after their passion proves to be truly magical, Aidan’s first commitment is to vengeance. Now Brooke must team up with friends and ancient warriors alike—and push her own powers to their limits—to save her love from the wrath of an evil fae.

More Information:
Publisher: Brilliance Audio, Montlake Romance
Series: Grim Series #2

Also by this author: Storm Warrior


Listened for Review (Brilliance)
Overall Rating: 3.50 (originally rated at 3.00)
Story Rating: 3.50
Character Rating: 3.50

Audio Rating: 4.00 (not part of the overall rating)

First Thought when Finished: I was hooked on Storm Bound by Dani Harper until the very last chapter and then it kind of fell apart for me.

Story Thoughts: You know how they always say that reading is a personal experience and what we experience in life impacts how elements of a story resonate with us? Well that happened with Storm Bound! I adore the series (and can’t wait to continue) and even 98% of this story was really good for me. However, the end just had one of the “pet peeve” things that stopped the story in it’s tracks for me. This thing won’t bother 90% of the people I know so please don’t let it stop you from reading this really good book. (Originally I had the rating set at a 3 but bumped it up because a chapter shouldn’t knock it down that far–this was a solid 4 read for me up to that point).

Character Thoughts: (Let’s just forget how the story ended for me particular and focus on the bulk of the character interaction) Brooke was a kick ass, strong, smart, and unusual character. I adored her gumption and quick wit. Her friends were super supportive and her “family” (of the heart) was great too. I was gutted by Aiden’s backstory and despite everything he made me swoon. He was just so delicious and perfect for Brooke!

Audio Thoughts:

Narrated By Justine Eyre / Length: 9 hrs and 25 mins

Justine does a very good job with this series. I think she has a great voice for PNR! She has good timing and pacing. Her men voices aren’t always macho enough for me but they aren’t distracting either. Overall, I enjoy listening to this series and will continue them on audio.

Final Thoughts: Really enjoying this series!


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Overall Rating
3.5 / 5
Story Rating
3.5 / 5
Character Rating
3.5 / 5
Narrator Rating
4 / 5
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8 responses to “Audiobook Review: Storm Bound by Dani Harper

  1. I have to say, just knowing that ONE pet peeve got to you like that has me really really curious about this book! I have this desire to read it, just to see if I’d have the same reaction. I love PNR and haven’t read this series, so I need to check it out anyway. Maybe on audio since you seem to enjoy the narration. Great review Felicia 🙂

  2. Great review Felicia. I don’t think I have ever read a book that made me dislike it in the last chapter, but I have read books that only redeemed themselves in the last chapter. Both are not good and won’t ever be re-read.

  3. I am dying to know what the peeve was… isn’t awful when you are enjoying a book up until that last chapter and then the wheels fall off! Hate that!

  4. Somehow this series has managed to escape my wishlist, but I have remedied that situation. And here’s hoping your pet peeve, isn’t my pet peeve. Unless you know for a fact that it is . . . Do you??

  5. Not heard of this series but that book sounds interesting. To bad it had to have one of those ‘pet peeves’ for you there at the end.

  6. I don’t think I’ve listened to this narrator yet. Sounds like a cool series! I’m curious about the pet peeve you experienced. It’s a bummer when the end falls apart like that. I shall keep this series in mind!