September Library Event: Ideas to spur you on

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Library Card Month


Hi Y’all!

In September The Book Nympho and I are putting the spotlight on using your library! We would love to get all of you involved

The month will be filled with fun, giveaways, library features, and reviews of books that we picked up from the library. I know many of you are library lovers too! How would you like to participate? Want to do a guest post? Send me an email at with your post and I will get it on the schedule. Want to be featured at the top of my blog with the reason that you love your library?  Fill out the form below. Are you an author and want to donate swag to the event? Contact The Book Nympho and she will give you the details on where to send your stuff. Bloggers want to include your bookmark in the bags we are giving away? Contact either The Book Nympho or I (or both) and we will tell you where to send them!

Here are some examples of the responses so far (that will be featured during September):

Libraries are great. They help get young readers involved in reading more. For me personally, it allows me to listen and read more. I can’t afford to purchase all the books and audiobooks that I want to read.-Melanie

I love my library because they have a great selection of ebooks and audiobooks available for download. This year one of my book resolutions was to check the library before purchasing and I have been very successful in finding what I’m looking for. I’ve recommended several titles they didn’t have and they’ve brought in most of them–and I get a copy right away when that happens because I recommended it:)

Also, my library uses the Overdrive app and I love the connectivity to Amazon and my Kindle Paperwhite. -Brandi

I’ve had an on again, off again love affair with libraries my whole life. Often the off again part is due to my inability to commit to returning books on time.

What I love most about my current library relationship is the access to tons of audiobooks and all those books that I want to read but don’t necessarily want to buy (the newest Stephanie Plum book- I’m talking to you). The library I visit most often is gorgeous and comfortable, with lots of comfy seats and a bathroom that doesn’t make me cringe. It’s almost everything a library should be (it lacks a coffee shop, but I’m sure that’s something I’ll see someday). I think this could be a lasting relationship, and this time I’m willing to commit 100% to those pesky due dates! -Kate

Examples of Guest Posts (and Feature Posts): Do you love your local library? Write a post about it and get the word out. I am going to be featuring the libraries that I belong to by taking pictures, talking about the librarians, and activities that they offer! Do you have something you love about the library: online classes, research, awesome book sales? Talk about it!

Librarians: I would love if y’all would love to get involved too! Do you want readers to know how awesome the library system is? Tell us some things we may overlook!

Here is the form to fill out or email me at ! Can’t wait till September


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8 responses to “September Library Event: Ideas to spur you on

  1. This is so great, I’m really looking forward to seeing all the guest posts! I love my library and I wish I hadn’t let myself get so out of the habit of going – oh well, I’m back at it now!

  2. Library? What is that… Sadly over here there are not many libraries and the few that exist only carry books in Turkish. Sometimes I use the library when I’m in the States… I really miss having a good library close to my house. :'(

  3. THIS SOUNDS AWESOME. Oh my goodness gracious. The first thing I did after finding a house in the new town, no kidding, was go get my library card. THEN I went and got electric and water, etc. (:

    THEN I moved a week later. Ha!

  4. My local library SUCKS, and paying to be a member of the one in the city is too expensive to be worth my while, not to mention the long commute to get there. I’ve been looking forward to this event all summer though, and I can’t wait to see what you and Jennifer have come up with. Happy Friday!