Review: Blood Bath & Beyond (Immortality Bites Mysteries #1) by Michelle Rowen #ProfilingMysteries

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Review: Blood Bath & Beyond (Immortality Bites Mysteries #1) by Michelle Rowen #ProfilingMysteries
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Review: Blood Bath & Beyond (Immortality Bites Mysteries #1) by Michelle Rowen #ProfilingMysteries
Book: Blood Bath & Beyond
Author: Michelle Rowen
Article Type: Book Review

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Sarah Dearly is adjusting to life as a fledgling vampire, satisfying her cravings at vampire-friendly blood banks. But when her fiancé Thierry takes a job with the Ring—the secret council in charge of keeping vampires in line—Sarah’s about to get more than a taste of danger…

Being engaged to a centuries-old master vampire can be challenging—especially when he takes a job with the Ring. Thierry’s in for fifty years of nonstop travel and deadly risk. It’s enough to make any woman reconsider the wedding…any woman except Sarah, that is.

Traveling to Las Vegas for his first assignment, they encounter a child beauty pageant contestant from hell, as well as a vampire serial killer leaving victims drained of blood, potentially exposing the existence of vampires to the whole world. But when Thierry’s truly ancient history comes back to haunt him, and he’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit, it’s up to Sarah to clear his name before their immortal lives come to an end.

Review: Blood Bath & Beyond (Immortality Bites Mysteries #1) by Michelle Rowen #ProfilingMysteries

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Overall Rating: 4.50
Story Rating: 4.25
Character Rating: 4.75

First Thought when Finished: Blood Bath & Beyond: What a wicked fun read that will have you giggling and then going WTF!

What I Thought of the Case: Blood Bath & Beyond is the first in a new Cozy Paranormal Mystery series. This particular case is about proving how Sarah Dearly’s very old vampire fiance, Thierry, just did not commit a murder that he was accused of. Sarah is a magnet for trouble and that adds an element of WTF giggling to the mix. Seriously, her ability to stumble into the most insane situations is perfect for this genre. Add to the fact that she really is whip smart and has some common sense to boot–you have a great cozy mystery leading lady. The case is fun and really not easy to figure out. I was wrong about who I thought did it until about 3/4 of the way through!

What I Thought of the Characters: I could gush about the characters in Blood Bath & Beyond for hours! Sarah is smart, sassy, sarcastic, stubborn, and all-around fun. As a new vampire she is holding her own around other’s that are much older. Thierry is sexy in that smoldering, quiet, and over-bearing kind of way. He is a bajillion years old so you have to give him a little leeway in his “I am Man” kind of ways. Best character would have to be little 6-year old Tiara Queen! She cracks me up when she calls Sarah puppy! Her mix of child-like and adult qualities was just perfect. I hope she is in the books to come!

Final Thought: Get thee to the bookstore and grab this book. I didn’t read Michelle Rowen first series (though I am going to now) and only felt a little lost at the beginning. I could tell there was a backstory but honestly that was only right at the beginning. This book stands on its own!

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12 responses to “Review: Blood Bath & Beyond (Immortality Bites Mysteries #1) by Michelle Rowen #ProfilingMysteries

  1. Ive never read a cozy mystery in the paranormal genre….how fun!! I think I might add these to the TBR….my mystery books are so different though, I like the dramatic mysteries that usually revolve around romance or a family dynamic.

  2. Amy

    I’ve been dying to hear what you thought about this book since you read it in BoB. Love the cover. Sounds like something to fill my WTF needs ;D

    • It was just super fun! I am telling you the 6-year old beauty queen vampire was a hoot and reason enough to read it. Though the leading gal, Sarah, is just the right amount of snark, hot mess, loyal lover, and smart chic that you root for her all the way through 🙂