Blogger Confession: Readers N Ritas 2014 Wrap-Up (Best One Yet)

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Blogger Confession:Β Readers N Ritas 2014 Wrap-Up (Best One Yet)

I am super late on writing my convention wrap-ups for November! I almost skipped writing up a recap but honestly this was the best Readers N Ritas to date. The authors were awesome. The readers were even more awesome. The swag was plenty. The organizers were on their game (even with the snafu of the food truck ordeal). Overall I don’t think I could have had a better time if I tried!

The Authors:

All of the authors were delightful! The following authors hold special memories in my heart after Readers N Ritas: Avery Flynn, Tricia Skinner, Roz Lee, Connie Cox, Heather Long, Julie Ann Walker, C.J. Ellisson, Jess Haines, C.A. Szarek, Candace Havens, and Damon Suede!

  • Avery Flynn was as delightful in person as she is online! I hung out with her as much as possible during the weekend.
  • Tricia Skinner was great even though she had to miss on Friday (darn editors and their deadlines). She more than made up for it on Saturday πŸ™‚
  • Roz Lee pretty much had me in stitches all weekend. Y’all she is just FUN!
  • Connie Cox is just hands down one of my favorite people in the world πŸ™‚ I love getting to hang out with her.
  • Heather Long was responsible another hunk of man flash joining my wall (though he is oddly still in my trunk)
  • Julie Ann Walker was adorable. I don’t get her camping thing but I am totally behind her see the world thing.
  • CJ Ellisson gave me her very own “man part” straw. That is the way to win a gals heart πŸ™‚
  • Jess Haines I adore and got to spend a ton of time with! She is also one of my favorite people πŸ™‚
  • CA Szarek she is now on my adored people list and will forever be there!
  • Candace Havens is always so nice and gives great interview!
  • Damon Suede–we spent money and bought him for the evening. That is just how awesome that man is! How great of him to go up for the bachelor auction and dance with us all night long! Plus y’all–he is freaking hilarious!

The Readers

Talking, chatting, and fangirling with other readers is my favorite part of any conference. This year I don’t know if we all just brought our fun pants or what but we had a blast! I would like to especially say thank you to Jenn, Elizabeth, Lizzie, Summer, Kelly (from Got Fiction), Sandy (from Fresh Fiction), Louise, Samantha, and Pat (from Fresh Fiction). There are tons more that I am forgetting but it really was just a total blast hanging out with these ladies. A special shout-out to the lady who bought us dinner on Saturday night–I don’t remember your name but you can bet that I am going to track down your restaurant in San Antonio (and not just for your single son LOL)!

The Organizers (highlights)

The Fresh Fiction team really went above and beyond this year! I know there was an issue with the food trucks on Saturday but that actually led to one of the best off-site dinners that I have had so it was all good. There were many highlights this year: The author tables, book exchange, bachelor auction, and speed-dating. It really was a whirlwind of fun that I won’t soon forget!

  • The author tables: Avery Flynn was a delight to sit with and get to know on Saturday during lunch. Even though she didn’t make it Friday night, it was a delight to see Tricia Skinner again on Saturday. I got to speed date a few author tables on Friday night and that was great!
  • The Bachelor Auction was a total blast. The guys were great, the dancing fun, and the atmosphere full of fun. Great theme with the bikers and babes!
  • Book Exchange: I love that room!
  • Off-Site dinner with a ton of people was just delightful!
  • Speed-Dating: Always my favorite activity at any conference πŸ™‚

The Swag:

This year I totally scored and didn’t win a single package. There were lots of goodies being handed out and great opportunities to score some pretty great reads. Overall I feel like I tripled my “price of admission” in good times and swag!




It was the best Readers N Ritas that I have been too. I know I am leaving a ton out (that happens when you wait a month to write up the wrap up) but I have already bought my ticket for 2015! Can’t wait!


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20 responses to “Blogger Confession: Readers N Ritas 2014 Wrap-Up (Best One Yet)

  1. It sounds like you had a blast! Sadly there are not cons close to where I live. I want to go to RT 2016 in Vegas. Hopefully everything will work on my favor for me to assist. *fingers crossed*

  2. I saw all of your picks on Instagram, but I just love recap posts, so I couldn’t resist dropping by. The Bachelor Auction must have been awesomesauce, and your haul is to die for. Send some of these authors my way would ya? Oh wait, we’re buried in snow, nevermind. Back to my cave I go…