Narrator Spotlight on Josh Macrae (Dirty Little Podcast)

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Hi y’all! Welcome to my twice a month series: Narrator Spotlight. I will be doing this to shine a light on some of the voices that keep us entertained by bringing our favorite books to life.

This week the spotlight is on Josh Macrae and Dirty Little Podcast! Let Josh tell you a bit about why he loves romance and started Dirty Little Podcast:

I started in Romance early in my career and fell in love pretty quickly. A narrator’s job isn’t just reading words out loud. It’s about finding voice. The voice of the characters, of course, but also finding the voice of the author.  Romance authors tend to have a very strong internal voice, and they understand other artists better than most, which makes them delightful to partner with.  The fans, which I can’t say enough glowing things about, with their giddiness and voracious appetites, are second to none. Romance is so much more than critics give it credit for. It’s not about bludgeoning the reader with conflict, it’s about seducing the audience with inner fantasies and exploring the worlds that contain them. Narration is a performance art and I’d much rather spend my hours as a demon prince trying to catch the eye of the queen, than stuck in a back alley as a hardboiled detective chasing a serial killer.
That being said, a couple of years ago I noticed there wasn’t much of a market for short stories. Not that there wasn’t an audience . . . who doesn’t like a quick romp? But narrators were being actively warned against taking those jobs, and writers were being incentivized by word count instead of content. So my wife and I came up with the idea of Dirty Little Podcast. A  semi-weekly show featuring short story romances. It’s free for listeners to subscribe wherever they get their podcasts, great for burgeoning writers who want to experience the audiobook process without cost, and perfect for established writers who can explore characters and ideas without having to develop a five part series. We’ve had a pretty successful first season, which anyone can go through and re-listen to, and for pure readers, we’ve just released an ebook compilation from some of the most popular episodes.
The next few seasons, we’re planning to expand and diversify, adding a roster of different voices, so that each episode will be something totally new to be seduced by.
For my part, I get to fall in love everyday, and I can’t thank the romance community enough for that.

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Thank you Josh for stopping by and now I have a new podcast on my list!


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