March Series Read: The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning (Overall Rating: 4 Wine Glasses)

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OK!  So I finished this series just in the nick of the time!  Do the happy dance *insert snoopy dance here*
Overall Series Rating: 4
Favorite Book: DreamFever
Least Favorite Book: FaeFever
Favorite Character: Tie between Barrons and Danni
Least Favorite Character: Mac
Read or Listened Too: Listened to on Audiobook
Would I Recommend this Series: YES! Though to Urban Fantasy Fans this is a dark series.
Was it easy to Read? Yes!  The story flowed really well.  There was some repetitiveness but not really any more than other series I have read. I think authors do it so if you come in during the middle of a series you are not completely lost.  That being said, you will be completely lost if you come in during the middle of this series.  It really is made to read from front to back!
Overall Thoughts (No Spoilers): I did enjoy this series even though the main character was my least favorite character. Weird, right? Not really!  I think she was written true to her personality, it is just one that got on my nerves.  There are so many great characters and story archs in this series that you don’t have to like Mac to love the story.  That being said, I did feel kind of cheated in ShadowFever when some of the resolutions came out of nowhere.  I am one of those that like hints through out the series and go back after finishing to see where I should have had that “oh now I see” moments.  With this series, there are some wrap-ups that came out of left field but I can live with that!
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