#LoveMyLibraryCard Guest Post: Library is the PLACE to be by Amanda Shofner

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Besides fellow bloggers and readers, libraries are one of the best bookish buddies you can find. Use your library to discover new books or to take a chance on a genre you’re not sure you’ll like. If you love books, your library is the place to be.

And the best part: libraries save you money.

For those who know me, you know I recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of the Great Historical Romance Bender. In two years, I read 200+ books within the historical romance genre. Most of those came from the library.

Should we put that into monetary terms?

On a Book BenderIf every book cost me approximately $4.99 (I’ve paid more; I’ve paid less), 200 books would cost me about $1,000. Because in addition to the books I read, there were many I threw back to the library gods (my polite term for DNF books), and those weren’t counted toward my 200. The library has literally saved me a thousand dollars in the past two years alone.

I don’t know, that seems like a pretty good deal, right? RIGHT!

The library isn’t just a place to go, either. When I worked from home, I visited the library once a week because I liked getting out and I could restock my book supply. When I started working full-time (including an hour long commute, about half of which was spent on the bus), I moved my visits to the library’s online selection of books, which I downloaded to my Kindle. Ah, the advantages of the digital age.

I have a book addiction, and the library feeds it. If a need a physical copy, they’ve got those. If I go on an eBook binge, well, they’ve got those too. On the rare occasion I want an audiobook—NO PROBLEM.

In the blogging world, it’s easy to get caught up in always reading the newest and latest release. With the library, I can explore the backlists of authors I’ve enjoyed. Backlists are uncharted territory. They provide hours upon hours of entertainment, especially when you stumble onto a popular author you’re just now picking up.

If I run out of books to read at the library (heaven forbid), the Metropolitan Library Service Agency (serving the Twin Cities metro, baby!) allows me to register my library card at any other library system so I can plunder their books. Libraries *get* us bookworms.

Libraries are—and yes, I dare say it—hip. Is YOUR local library on social media? Hennepin County Library’s on Twitter and Instagram and they’re rocking it. Better yet, they show how libraries are more than just a place to find books. Libraries cultivate community. And that’s why I #LoveMyLibraryCard — it’s free pass to joining that community.


My name is Amanda. I like books. It’s basically an epic love story. (Just don’t tell the boyfriend he’s got competition.) On occasion, I even write books.

On a Book Bender was born of a serious addiction to books that few understood — until I found the book blogging community. It’s my brain child. (I also have a dog niece. See photo. Adorable, amirite? Lucy’s cute too.) My addiction now is to historical romances. It’s grand. Like a ball with dresses. Which happens a lot in historical romances.

I’m also responsible for Bout of Books, a rockin’ read-a-thon that happens three times every year. For more random information about me, you can check out my answers to reader-submitted questions.

You can find her on  Twitter and Goodreads !

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7 responses to “#LoveMyLibraryCard Guest Post: Library is the PLACE to be by Amanda Shofner

  1. Libraries are great for helping us readers save money! If I see a book that looks really good, I look through ALL my library’s resources first to see if I can get it that way. Plus, I have cards to other libraries in the area, so more times than not, someone has what I’m looking for. I really try to only buy a book now if it’s something by a favourite author that I know I’ll love.

    It’s funny you mention going to the library just to get out. My mom said that back when I was little, her and her girlfriend would dress up and go on a date to the library to get away from the kids. Sounds like my kind of outing!

    • I’m the same way, Kristilyn. I prefer getting my books through the library if I can. And we can totally still support authors that way, too. Like Felicia reading (and then recommending) I’ve Got My Duke to Keep Me Warm — I bought that and all Kelly Bowen’s other books, too. The library works in mysterious ways. 😉

      • I think it’s also great to support authors by getting the library to BUY books they might not have added to their collection … then someone ELSE might read that author, fall in love, and buy their books. It’s a great way to be exposed to brand new authors … plus, my library likes to support indie authors, too!

    • I go to the library all the time just to get out of the house. Seems odd since I live alone but it is nice to go sit in the big comfy chairs. I also like spying on what other people are checking out.

  2. And if you live in the state of Texas, you can get a library card to one of our biggest libraries: FREE!

    I have a blog post on it, but apparently can’t put a link in here, but if you search for the instructions on how to get a Houston Public Library, and do some digging, you can find how to do that through mail or email.