#LoveMyLibraryCard Confession: I’m not good with Author Aliases- My not that Jessica tale :)

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#LoveMyLibraryCard Confession: I’m not good with Author Aliases!!!! By not good, I mean I am HORRIBLE with Author (or Narrator) Aliases. Even if I have been told before what pen/narrator names an author or a narrator have. Unless I have google in front of me, I am going to most likely get it wrong.

So what does that have to do with my Library Card? Let me tell you the tale of the Jessicas.

Yesterday I was in the mood to read something I haven’t tried in a while because normally it is just not my cup of tea: Billionaires. Of course not being my cup of tea AND the fact that I have a horribly strict book budget this year, I went online to my overdrive libraries as one does in times like these. I don’t know about y’all but libraries are my spur book “shopping” places to go. Overdrive is possibly my favorite way of getting books in my hand. The other reason is I can “whim” shop and not have any guilt. This is how this tale took place!

ONE YEAR AGO:  Last year during Buns and Roses I was talking to my friend Beth about a PNR series that I found fun. The author of that series Jessica Sims was there.  That is when I heard of a new series by Jessica under Jessica Clare was coming out around Roughneck Billionaires.  I had to confess that I never read any of her Jessica Clare books (contemporary in general is probably my least read romance sub-genre) but it sounded like something I might like. The Billionaire thing made me just put it on my library maybe list. I did really like what I had read of her PNR and I generally will trust authors across sub-genres. So I stored that in “for later” to read list.

FAST-FORWARD TO YESTERDAY AFTERNOON: As often happens to me, I was being a moody reader yesterday afternoon. I have been pretty much reading PNR, UF, and Historical all summer long. I was CRAVING something different so I thought about that book. However here is what I remembered from that conversation long ago: Billionaires and Jessica. Now I also thought I remembered the word Bastard being talked about (or it could be just a word I had stuck in my head) but when I searched for Billionaire and Jessica there were a few options that popped up. I looked at the covers (nope I didn’t read the descriptions) and one looked more like the billionaire I sort of remembered being discussed. It was available so I picked it up!

That book was The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemon! I borrowed it and started reading it immediately. As I often do when reading, I took to Twitter. I shared that I thought I had picked up a book that was not a first in series. I had thought the book I was after was a first in series book but I was enjoying it anyway. I tagged my friend Beth (since she was part of the conversation last year) and that is when she pointed out that it was a totally different Jessica than I originally was after.  I felt silly (cause I totally should have used google) but to be honest this happens to me all the time (I don’t always go look things up before I just plop down and start reading). Beth was very sweet about my not straight-forward memory.

However this is why I LOVE my Library Card! The Bastard Billionaire is turning out to be a pretty good read (yes some of my “why billionaire books make my eyes roll things” are in there but I like the characters & their love story). So I now have a new author that I am willing to try again. ON top of that I have the right Jessica checked out now for the Roughneck (not Bastard) Billionaires! So really other than looking silly on twitter (and I do that all the time too), this was a win all around.

So how have you stumbled on new authors in your library in the most unexpected ways?

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8 responses to “#LoveMyLibraryCard Confession: I’m not good with Author Aliases- My not that Jessica tale :)

  1. I’m not great with that either. I read a book last month and I was loving it then I get to the end and there’s a picture of one of my favorite authors looking back at me -but she used a different pen name for this book lol

  2. I love Jessica Lemmon’s romances altough I skipped the billionaire series, not my cuppa and I’m not ready to venture out in that direction in terms of romance, a genre that I’ve unconsciously avoided because for some reason, I struggle reading romances. *shrugs*

    Try her Bad Boys series next, that’s my favorite!

  3. Some really do have names that I don’t realize. Kate Baxter is one that I’ve read before under another name and didn’t realize it was her until I saw her at RT17. I mean. I know her and talk to her and I didn’t realize it. *face palm* Glad you found two new authors.

    • Beth P

      Yes. Jessica Clare, Jessica Sims, and Jill Myles are all the same person. She even acknowledges that’s a lot of names in her Twitter bio: “NYT Bestseller. Identity Crisis Girl – I write as 3 names: Jessica Clare, Jessica Sims, & Jill Myles. I guess I need a hobby.”

  4. Author alias are tricky, but at least you have a good attitude about happy accidents that can occur when you mix up author names. =] I will click on a library e-book if I like the cover when searching mistakenly, but I can’t remember if I’ve had any instances similar to you. A great cover, intriguing synopsis, decent audiobook sample will encourage me to try out a new-to-me author via the library. That used to be my go-to method of trying authors who were suggested to me by a book blogger in my earliest days of being part of the online book community.

    • I think that is the best way to do it. I am a big fan of just stumbling on to books organically 🙂 I mean a great cover, good narrator, and description without price commitment —-I can afford to check them out 🙂