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I know when we are talking about Library Books, we generally hear a bunch about ebooks and print books. I am here to remind you that audiobooks are there too.

Here are a couple of reasons to use your library for Audiobooks:

  1. Price: Audiobooks are expensive (even with credits) so this is a good way to offset that cost.
  2. New to You Narrators: The library gives you a chance to give a real listen to a new narrator without breaking the bank.
  3. Out of your normal “listen” comfort zone: Trying a new genre? Curious about the current “it” audiobook but unsure it is your cup of tea?  The library is the way to feed your curiousity.
  4. Different ways to borrow:  Most libraries still carry some physical copies of Audiobooks.  You also have things like PlayAWay where they are pre-loaded on a device. There is also Overdrive, Hoopla, and One Click Digital. Check to see what your library offers.
  5. You have the ebook/print book but want to give a listen to the audiobook:  I do this all the time (and vice versa).  I like having both but my budget usually only allows for one so I use the library for the other version.

Here is a bit more about #4 on the above list, online applications your library may offer to get audiobooks:

  • Overdrive (go HERE to see if there is a library in your area that offers Overdrive). You can download the app on your favorite app store and browse right there. It offers both ebooks and audiobooks.
  • Hoopla (go HERE to see if your library participates). This also has an app located in your favorite app store.
  • One Click Digital (check with your library to see if they offer this one). It is a little less known but also has an app in the appstore.

Do you use your library for Audiobooks? Which app do you do use? Why do you use your library for audiobooks?

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4 responses to “#LoveMyLibraryCard Audiobooks are there too #LibraryCardSignupMonth

  1. My previous library had the majority of its audio collection through an app called Axis. I didn’t use it often because the app would loose the last place frequently and had a clunky user interface.

    I haven’t tried my new library yet but I have been listening to my audiobooks through Audible. I get the yearly package and also score deals when I can. It isn’t cheap BUT I can stretch my credits out pretty well.

  2. I use my for audio all the time. I often get the audible daily deal at the library. We have Overdrive and OCD. OCD has the best app of all the ones I use btw. Anne – Books of My Heart

  3. Yes, I use my 2 library systems for all the reasons you mentioned. LAPL has both Overdrive and One Click Digital. BPL just has Overdrive. I recently checked out a course on CD (The Modern Intellectual Tradition: from Descartes to Derrida by Cahoone, Lawrence E. Cahoone) that I started years ago before I switched to listening to audiobooks almost non-stop in my car.