#LoveAudiobooks Giveaway Week 4: Favorite Audiobook Genre?

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Hi Guys! This week I want to talk favorite genres to listen to in audiobook format! I can listen to almost any genre in audiobook but the ones that I lean almost exclusively towards the audiobook versions are Cozy Mysteries and Historical Romance. For some reason, these two genres (or sub-genres) really sparkle on audiobook. I think with cozies it is because most of them are quirky and a good narrator can really bring that out. With Historical Romance, I admit it is the accents. I love when you get a great narrator who can nail the accent. It really transports you to different place and time. Here are a few examples of my favorites:





Now I want to talk about YOU:Β  what are you favorite genres to listen to on audio?


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33 responses to “#LoveAudiobooks Giveaway Week 4: Favorite Audiobook Genre?

  1. That is a hard question, I would say fantasy, paranormal and mysteries were my top three. Last year I listen to a lot of Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, Jennifer Estep and William Ritter. It really depends on the narrator for me. I can listen to anything that has a fabulous voice performance.
    I have tried to listen to historical romance, but it does not grab me as much.

  2. I started out reading romantic suspense on audio CD (fav: Death Angel by Linda Howard), then YA paranormal with the Twilight saga followed by really everything including (auto)biographies like Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large . I’ve only recently started listening to historical romance (typically set in Great Britain) via audiobook since I was burned out on that particular sub genre of romance in general. It’s great to hear the different British dialects. Your sample of Justine Eyre narrating The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean is probably one of her best narrations. I didn’t realize it was her until I looked it up on Audible. She sounds like she did on the Fallen series which was the first series I listened to her narrate.

    Okay, so I’m rambling because it’s hard for me to pick a specific genre, lol! I’ll go with paranormal as my top favorite genre to listen to via audiobook. But again, I really like all genres including non-fiction via audiobook. =)

    • I think she shines in Historical but I think accents force a narrator out of “normal”. I think that is true for almost any narrator when you throw in accents–they have to “sound” different πŸ™‚

      I like all genres too so I totally get that LOL

  3. Linda Townsend

    I enjoy listening to almost all types of romances, urban fantasies, fantasies, science fiction, horror, and more!

  4. oh historical romance is such a delight for listen to on audiobook!!! And yeah its my favorite too. I do love Julie Garwoods book on audio as well as Johanna Lindsey—great narrators on those. Although I also really like PNR too.

  5. As of right now my favorite genres to listen to are:
    -Urban Fantasy
    -Science Fiction

    I have a feeling that I will try the Historical Romance/Fiction genre in audio (Dragonfly in Amber was my first one).

  6. I’m at the point now where I’m just about an exclusive listener for Mystery/Suspense novels, especially when a great narrator is performing. I also listen to all of my UF books as I tend to get distracted when reading the world building but pay close attention when it’s being read to me.

  7. I love cozies and historical romances in audio as well, but I also think that UF type books work better for me when narrated as I kind of get bored with world building when I read but listening if the narrator is good can make me more interested in what is happening. πŸ™‚

  8. My favorite genre to listen to is Urban Fantasy, just like reading. There are some great narrators. It also has some great accents (probably not as many as the historicials you mentioned, but there are some). I really like the action. But then, I listen almost exclusively to everything these days. I’ve read one book in the last three weeks, but I’ve listened to 5 and one of those was IT at almost 45 hours. I just have more time to listen.

  9. In the past my favorite genre to listen to was Urban Fantasy but once I found some new fave narrators in Contemporary Romance I think it’s become my favorite genre to listen to. Plus so many UF books aren’t available on audio or the narrators aren’t that great.

  10. My favorite “genre” to read and to listen to is anything in a UK setting. Yes, the readers need to have those wonderful accents. I adore them. So this means everything from contemporary science fiction and fantasy in an English setting [try “Just One Damned Thing After Another” and you’ll be hooked on the series] and cozies and thrillers and historical romances and the occasional contemporary. After five trips to the UK there is no doubt that it is my soul-home, and I seize any opportunity I can to live there vicariously.