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Hi y’all! Today I have Margaret from Goldilox and the Three Weres. She is sharing with you surprises that you can find at the library. This is one of my favorite things about libraries too!

We’ve probably all gone in to our libraries and found a display of kids’ art work from the local elementary school. In between one of those and the exhibits on local history, my library (Woodneath Library in Kansas City) has a town made of Legos which includes a Cars street scene, Ghostbusters headquarters, and the castle from Beauty and the Beast. My daughter, who’s in kindergarten, couldn’t stop talking about those Legos as we crossed the parking lot, but then we walked through the door and saw this.

So of course, we followed the path. And here’s what we found at the end.

This gorgeous piece of art is called an immersive storybook. It has six sides, my daughter called them stages, that kids can actually climb inside. There are props like giant keys, colorful scarves and pillows shaped like sea shells for the kids to interact with. Our favorites were the chocolate bunnies that actually smell like chocolate. And it all looks exactly like the pictures in the accompaning book. I actually walked around it a few times before I found the book though, because there’s so much to see.

The book is called My Garden by Kevin Henkes. This copy came from a thrift store – I know this because the tag is still on it – and you can see paint spatters on some of the pages. (The pages are in the bottom corners of the photos.) I can’t help but imagine the artists working on the piece when I see those.

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After talking to the librarian and doing a little research, I learned that the My Garden pop up exhibit is a prototype for a forthcoming interactive children’s museum in Kansas City called The Rabit Hole. The exhibit is currently touring local libraries and was in its last week at this location so I’m even more thrilled that we happened to catch it.

One of the reasons I love my library is that you never know what you’ll find there. This exhibit wasn’t advertised on their website or mentioned in the newsletter. It was just this wonderful thing we stumbled across one afternoon that my daughter will remember forever.

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And the link to the exhibit

Thank you for sharing your Library Surprise Margaret!!!!


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