Geeky Blogger Tips: Social Sharing made Easy (and Free)

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Geeky Tips

Alright y’all! I haven’t done one of these for a very long time but I feel the need to share some easy, free ways to share your blog posts.


Tips before starting

Pick a couple of what I call “base apps” where your main posting will be. For me this is my blog and Instagram. If I feed into one of these two, it should go to my other social networks. Hootsuite and  IFTTT (If this then that) should then do a bulk of the work getting things to where they need to go!

How I use these tools:

So I am going to walk you through how I use these tools. Hopefully from these two you can adapt and use what works for you!

  • Blog Post Distribution (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and FB Page)
  • Instagram (Twitter, FB Page)

Tools: WordPress built-in distribution, Hootsuite, and IFTTT

Things to do first:

  • Setup WordPress to publish to FB Page
  • Setup Hootsuite to publish to Instagram
  • Setup IFTTT to take Instagram post to Twitter and WordPress to publish to Pinterest

Examples of how to do these things:

1: I use JetPack for connecting to my FB Page (Please note that there are other plugins you can use for this and I am sure there is a way to do this on Blogger too). To use Jetpack click on settings, sharing, connect your social media accounts, and pick Facebook.  Now I know I will be asked why I don’t share the rest from here and the reason is—–it doesn’t always get the featured image right and that drives me bonkers!!!


2: I use Hootsuite to publish to Instagram. Now there are a few things to not, you can use hootsuite to connect to more social accounts. I keep it simple because I want to stay on the free plan. Also, since instagram doesn’t do links (so to speak) —I make sure to place my read me more at the top so when it feeds to twitter (though IFTTT) there is a clickable link.

3: Setup IFTTT to publish Instagram to Twitter and WordPress to Pinterest! Seriously I use IFTTT for a whole lot of things (non blog related) and probably is my favorite tool ever. Spend some time perusing the apps!  These are the two I use for these tasks.  The instagram one is really helpful. I like it cause it let’s me share my other stuff as well!

Hopefully this is helpful for you! Let me know what you use.

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7 responses to “Geeky Blogger Tips: Social Sharing made Easy (and Free)

  1. Great info!

    I used this service missinglettr for a while which scheduled re-posts of blog posts on FB and Twitter spread out over a year. But it had a monthly fee and didn’t really fit the purpose of my blog. However, having certain old posts pop up again did generate likes. So – does anyone see a value in this kind of recirculating of old posts and if so, is there a free app that does it?