#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in June 17th 2016

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#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in  June 17th 2016

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Hey FitReaders! It is time for your weekly check-in (feel free to use whatever day you want to check-in–these posts will be going up on Fridays)! How are you doing this week? Did you get a day, 2 days, 3 days of exercise? Are you on track with your other health goals! I am so very proud of you for making the effort to get heart healthy and putting exercise in your life. We can do it!

This week:

  • I am on track to hit my fitness goals for this week. Next week it will be 6500 steps, 25 setups, 10 pushups, beginner yoga 3x a week
  • Food wise I back slid a bit this week but totally rebooted myself today.
  • I can’t believe we are almost half way through the year—I don’t know where it has gone but it is crazy to think that July is right around the corner 🙂

This Week June 17th

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How did you do?

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4 responses to “#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in June 17th 2016

  1. Great job with your fitness goals! The important thing isn’t that you had a hiccup with your food plan, but that you got right back on track!