#FitReaders 101: How do I? Answered!

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First! Welcome to #FitReaders! Jen from That’s What I’m Talking About and I are glad that you decided to join us. We have been doing this challenge since 2013. Doesn’t seem that long but it really is just one of those challenges that give back.  If you are here from the last couple of years this 101 might be useful for you too since we will be covering the new Virtual Races. For those new to the challenge hopefully this makes you feel at ease and welcome. At the end I will share some of mine and Jen’s stories which might even help you in this journey cause it can be scary, annoying, and yet totally rewarding.  We have been through all those feelings so you are among friends!

First do have to be FIT to join #FitReaders?

NO! Everybody has a different fitness level. We have everything from those that can just commit to 10 min of movement a day to those working on marathons. We have those that don’t do cardio at all but are into strength training, yoga, pilates. Basically if you are ready to commit to improve your fitness then you are welcome. We all need a place where we can feel supported! We need a place we can talk to people that have been there, are there, or are coming up on there. Every person is welcome!

Do I have to have a blog to join #FitReaders?

NO! We have a FB Group and we have a hashtag on Twitter #FitReaders. We have weekly check-ins on both mine and Jen’s blog where you can just use the comments as your check-in point. We have a monthly commit-to-fit so that you can hold yourself responsible. Blog posts are not required (though we love visiting blogs and seeing everyone’s exceptional stories). Feel free to link to any of your social media profiles.

But I am an author can I still join #Fitreaders?

Do you read? (and please if you are an author that does not read—don’t tell me) Of course you can join in! This is for every person from every walk of life. We just all love to read–that is the glue that binds us

What if I fall off the Wagon?

Here is where I think both Jen and I’s stories will help you because you will fall off. The fact is we are here to help you get back on….

Jen’s full story here but here is a little bit ...

Where she was at the beginning of 2014 when she jumped on board:

I also moved for a minimum of ten minutes each day. Here is what I did:

Monday: 25 minutes on the elliptical
Tuesday: 10 minutes on the elliptical
Wednesday: 20 minutes walking while kids were in karate
Thursday: 20 minutes walking while BG was in physical therapy
Friday: 60 minutes of downhill skiing as chaperone of ski club
Saturday: 10 minutes on the elliptical
Sunday: 30 minutes walking

It felt great to just get up and move, and with my expectation and goal of only ten minutes, it was easy to just keep going and do more than ten minutes. I also didn’t dread having to go “exercise.

Where she was by the end of 2014

My movement for this week:

Monday: 52 minutes walking
Tuesday: 31 minutes walking
Wednesday: 43 minutes walking
Thursday: 43 minutes walking
Friday: 31 minutes walking
Saturday: 16 minutes walking
Sunday: 55 minutes walking

That was just in a year and now she is a ROCKSTAR!  Her personal journey is so worth reading!

Here is my story from when I started in 2013:

My original goal beginning of 2013: Walking Life:  I am really looking forward to committing to walking 30 min a day.  I needed a challenge to make me step up my daily exercise.  Every step counts and the point is just to get up.  So whether you stroll, walk, jog, or run feel free to join in!

What happened: I did that and then I didn’t. I was walking slow and really set myself up to fail because I gave myself too high of a goal. So I backed up and gave myself a goal of just walking every single day. Just getting up and getting active for at least 10 min.

It took until October 2014 (yes 1 year and 10 months later): How I did:  I walked everyday for at least 6000 steps!  I met my goal except on 10/30 (Only 5600 steps).

Even now my goal is around 8500 steps and this month I am not even doing fitbit tracking because I need to focus on strength. The point is that we all have a starting place. We all need to improve —if not how far, then how quick, if not how quick, then variety, if not variety, then balance. Really you are among people who understand!

So are you ready to join us?


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35 responses to “#FitReaders 101: How do I? Answered!

  1. Funny story, I was all intimidated about the idea of walking 5K in one session and then I finally looked at my FitBit and realized that I was able to do that the week before Christmas. For some reason I thought 5K was more than 3.1 miles, haha. Thank you for including the fun mile as well, but I think I’m going to aim for the 5K medal 😀

  2. I started by doing only 10 minutes a day at the beginning of last year which felt like nothing but I kept building on it and now I do something almost every single day. Not as a *MUST WORKOUT* thing but because I feel good after. And sometimes it’s still just that 10 minutes or a quick walk with the dogs.

  3. It is always good to know that you’re not alone. Knowing that others have struggled with staying on the bandwagon makes me not feel as much of a failure. I know that everyone has bad times, but it is so easy to be hard on myself. Things like FitReaders helps to keep me going.

  4. Great post. I love this group … support and encouragement no matter what level of activity you are at. Your stories made me feel comfortable joining 2 years ago , a virus affected my heart and after 6 months of no exercise, I began walking again. It’s been a long, slow road to getting heart healthy (literally) but I’m so glad it was with bookblogwalkers/FitReaders. Thanks girls 🙂

  5. Love your post, I remember when Jen started out, her story and indeed yours is so inspiring. What I love about this is we all do what we can do, no pressure to be better than someone else. Just good for us.