Book Release Day: (Review Repost) As You Wish by Gabi Stevens (Rating 4 Wine Glasses)

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From Gabi’s Site: Regina Scott, known as Reggie, has made a successful life for herself despite her lack of magical powers. She is content to live out her life as a Groundling until the outgoing fairy godmothers tell her she’s the second new replacement. In the space of a few days, she faces a curse, a plot to overthrow the Arcani world, and an entirely too enthusiastic mother. And she doesn’t know which will be the most difficult to deal with. Can Reggie balance trust, magic, and danger and still find the happiness she deserves? 

Review copy from Author (I will be buying when it releases)
This title will be released on April 26, 2011.

What I Loved:  Reggie was a wonderful central character.  She was giving, strong, quick thinking, willing to try new things, and smart.  All the things a fairy godmother in training should be! She really was my kind of gal, research then make a decision on what she believes. Normally the secondary characters end up in my “what I liked” section but I fell in love with Joy, Tommy, Alf, her parents (specifically her mother), her sister Dell, and the godmothers (again-I would love to read their stories).  I wouldn’t say they stole the book but they were a fantastic addition.  Alf (a gnome) and her Mom were the most surprising characters in the book on how the ultimately handled everything. I giggled, cried, laughed out loud, and pulled for Reggie the entire book!

What I Liked: Nate and Jonathan were very good leading men.  They were complicated, smart, and conflicted.  Their storyline and Reggie’s meshed very well. I will admit it did take me awhile to “fall for them” but once it becomes clear who they are, who she chooses, and how the story is heading–you want them to end up together.  It was also great seeing Kristin and Tennyson again from book 1!

Complaints: None

Why I gave it a 4:  I loved this book!  It flowed really well, the pacing was fantastic, and the story was interesting. This book makes me smile!  Also, please don’t forget to read the Author’s Note at the end of the book for more information on Best Buddies an organization that Gabi supports and is fantastic!

Who I would recommend it too:  PNR readers definitely and even romance readers in general.  Even though it involves Witches, Fairy Godmothers, a Beast, and Gnomes–it really is just a feel good story at heart!

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