Audiobook Review: A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses by Molly Harper

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Audiobook Review: A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses by Molly HarperSource: Audiobook Purchase, Edelweiss EBook Review, Provided by Simon & Schuster

Format: Audiobook

A Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses by Molly Harper
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Length: 8 hrs and 59 mins

Date Read: May 2013

Genre: PNR, Romance

A new comedic paranormal romance featuring a witch who finds love while searching for a magical artifact and set in the same “terrific vamp camp” (Publishers Weekly) world of Half Moon Hollow as the Nice Girls series.

Nola Leary would have been content to stay in Kilcairy, Ireland, healing villagers at her family’s clinic with a mix of magic and modern medicine. But a series of ill-timed omens and a deathbed promise to her grandmother have sent her on a quest to Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky, to secure her family’s magical potency for the next generation. Her supernatural task? To unearth four artifacts hidden by her grandfather before a rival magical family beats her to it.

Complication One: The artifacts are lost somewhere in vampire Jane Jameson’s occult bookshop. Complication Two: Her new neighbor Jed Trudeau keeps turning up half-naked at the strangest times, a distraction Nola doesn’t need. And teaming up with a real-life Adonis is as dangerous as it sounds, especially since Jed’s got the face of an angel and the abs of a washboard. Can Nola complete her mission before falling completely under his spell?

More Information:
Publisher: Audible, Pocket Books

Also by this author: Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors, I'm Dreaming of an Undead Christmas, How to Run with a Naked Werewolf, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs, Rhythm and Bluegrass

My Thoughts on

Listened for Fun/Read for Review(Audible/Edelweiss)
Overall Rating: 4.75
Story Rating: 4.50
Character Rating: 5.00

Audio Rating: 4.50

First Thought When Finished: A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses is my favorite so far in the spin off series.

Story Thoughts: OMG this freaking cracked me up. Nola (the leading lady) had a quest that just made me grin. As a person who had two very strong-willed grandmothers, I could just imagine one of them handing me something like that while making me promise to follow through. Poor Nola found out that it was going to be quite the task and not easy at all. She tackled it like a trooper and gave me some great big laughs along the way. I am a big fan of when Jane and her crazy mama make appearances in the spin off series so that was just icing on the cake.

Character Thoughts: Nola was a great addition to the Half Moon Hollow bunch. She is smart, witty, a little witchy, and can hold her own in the smart ass department. Really I think the strong female characters of the Hollows are just fantastic and since most of them made an appearance in this book, I was thrilled! Then there was hot-stuff Jed! Jed made me swoon and even with a crazy family, I would have snatched him up in a heartbeat. Swoon-worthy leading men are always a good reason to read a book but when they are hot-blooded shifters–it is a MUST!

Audio Thoughts

Narrated By Amanda Ronconi / Length: 8 hrs and 59 mins

Amanda hit it out of the park again. I admit that at first I thought she was dropping accents but then I was reminded that Nola was trying to hide her Irish behind a Boston accent. I don’t know how many narrators could pull that off but Amanda did! Seriously this is just a fun series to listen to on audio.

Final Thoughts: Fun Series and a MUST READ for me!



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7 responses to “Audiobook Review: A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses by Molly Harper

  1. I wish I had done this one in audio! I’ve grown so used to Ronconi’s narration and pacing that the print book just fell flat for me. 🙁 I think I’ll probably do a listen at some point in hopes that it makes me like the series better, and I’m glad to hear that she handles the Irish/Boston accent well. The Ronconi/Harper audio is probably my favorite combination for fun, easy listens.

  2. Okay, that settles it. Off to audible to get both of these in this series. I’m driving the teen to Lubbock this week and this is something he won’t mind listening to…I think. smiles…

  3. I need to read the rest of the other series first, but I’m so wanting to get to these as well. I feel so behind and I need me some laughter!

    And, Heidi… accusing me of reading out of order… oh wait… I guess you are right! LOL 😉

  4. Well crap! I have this for review and I had no idea it was the second or is it third in the series? Your title says second but down below you have it listed as the third. Oh well, guess I will be like Melissa and reading of order!