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Who is Your Listening Audience?

In May 2017 Karen White (narrator), Michelle Cobb (AudioFile Magazine & Insatiable Press), Viviana Izzo (Enchantress Designs), and I did a panel at RT17 about Where is Your Listening Audience.  This is compilation of the things we talked about and things I have gathered from fellow listeners!

In the panel we discussed the following:

Social Media/Events on the Web

First we will tackle Social Media/Giveaways:

  • Twitter, FB, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest — if you can (and will maintain) a social media presence then you should for marketing. It will help you connect with your readers/listeners and give an avenue for back/forth with the fans. Do not create one if you have no intention of using it though. An empty presence is worse than no presence at all.
  • Giveaways are great ways to get new fans. If you can target your fans vs random listeners that will generate reviews. Partner with author friends to do group givaways to multiply your reach.
  • Do cross-promotional interviews with your narrators or authors. This will help cross your fan bases and broaden your appeal.
  • Participate in events: June is Audiobook Month (#LoveAudiobooks) and if you know a blogger having one reach out. Also libraries are a great resource and have events that might be a fit for you. It would be good to get to know your local librarians.



  • Blog Hops/Tours (these are great marketing tools): They will get your audiobooks seen by different crowds of fans.
  • June is Audiobook Month. Many audiobook bloggers and libraries do some kind of event for this month. If you know one reach out and see if they would like you to contribute.
  • Other events during the year: November is great for Thanks (many bloggers highlight favorite during this month). September is Library Card month and another way to mix audiobooks into the mix. Pretty much every season has some kind of event, just watch your favorite bloggers and libraries to see what they have going on.



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