Who is Your Listening Audience?

In May 2017 Karen White (narrator), Michelle Cobb (AudioFile Magazine & Insatiable Press), Viviana Izzo (Enchantress Designs), and I did a panel at RT17 about Where is Your Listening Audience.  This is compilation of the things we talked about and things I have gathered from fellow listeners!

In the panel we discussed the following:

This was really Michelle Cobb’s area of expertise!  For more information go here (link coming soon) but here is a small breakdown:

  • 7,000 titles were produced per year in audiobook form in 2011. By 2015 that number had grown to 36,000 titles
  • The industry has seen double digit growth in sales dollars and units every year from 2012 – 2015
  • 55 million people listen to at least one audiobook a year
  • 41% of the US population has ever listened
  • 25-34 year olds were 18% of the listening market in 2015 (and it’s a growing segment)

The good news is that means great growth for the industry but it also means you have to be market savvy.  You need to make sure your audiobooks stands out from the crowd. To do this, you will need to network with fellow authors and narrators to learn what you can in making your audiobook the best it can be!

Some links for this (I will add more as needed):

Also what you should consider: Cost of Audiobooks for readers/listeners

  • There are now alternatives to buying audiobooks for listeners. Consider how that can increase your listening audience. That is something to know before you settle on the avenue your audiobook is created.
  • Libraries: if your audiobook is available to libraries make sure to request your library carries it.
  • Different options for listening for free (Library): Hoopla, OverDrive, OneClickDigital
  • Whyspersync –something worth researching to see if it is a good fit for your audiobook.
  • Audible has many different monthly subscription options but they are not the only place to buy online.

This is just some of the industry stuff you need to consider. I will add more links as I gather them!


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