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Audiobook Review: Accidental Sire by Molly Harper @audible_com @Pocket_Books #LoveAudiobooksSource: Audiobook Purchase

Format: Audiobook

Accidental Sire by Molly Harper
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Length: 9 hrs and 7 mins

Date Read: September 2017

Genre: PNR, Romance

In Molly Harper's newest paranormal romantic comedy, Ben, Gigi's old boyfriend, must find a way to save his new love after a freak Ultimate Frisbee accident. But will she want to live after she finds out how Ben had to save her?

In this exciting addition to Molly Harper’s beloved Half-Moon Hollow series, the focus is on Gigi’s ex-boyfriend Ben. When his new girlfriend is killed in a freak Ultimate Frisbee accident, he’s determined to save her, no matter the cost, even if it means bringing her into the darkness of vampire life!

More Information:
Publisher: Audible Studios, Pocket Books
Series: Half-Moon Hollow #6

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Also in this series: Fangs for the Memories, The Single Undead Moms Club, Where the Wild Things Bite

Listened for Fun (Audible)
Overall Rating: 4.25
Story Rating: 4.00
Character Rating: 4.50

Audio Rating: 4.50 (not part of the overall rating)

Quick Thoughts: I love Half-Moon Hallow! The series is full of quirky characters, bat-sh*t crazy scenarios, and so cram packed full of humor that I find myself bursting out laughing at least once every 30 min (Hey I listen so I can time that). While the main characters in this one ( Ben and Megan) were a little on the New Adult side for me (sorry college romance just isn’t my thing) they were still really fun. Plus all my old favorites were back and up to general hijinks that made me giggle. Seriously though, even for a young couple they weren’t too angsty so they earned major points for that plus they were both geeks so I totally rooted for them πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Audio Thoughts: This was a total blast to listen too! Amanda Ronconi really brings Molly’s writing alive. I do admit that this outing with a huge cast of the main characters, I thought Jane’s voice sounded different and Megan sounded more like I was used to hearing Jane so there was a bit of an adjustment for me at the beginning. Afterwards though it was off to the races and I adored it (as usual).

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Overall Rating
4 / 5
Story Rating
4 / 5
Character Rating
4.5 / 5
Narrator Rating
4.5 / 5
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6 responses to “Audiobook Review: Accidental Sire by Molly Harper @audible_com @Pocket_Books #LoveAudiobooks

  1. Jen

    I really liked this one – it’s been a while since the series was this zany and fun. Yes, it was “NA” but I didn’t really listen to it for the romance. I loved the good story and fun. It’s been a while.

    • I think the last two have been a little too much on the NA side for me. That being said, this one was fun and anytime I can spend time with my man Dick—I am a happy camper πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚