#30DaysOfThanks2015 Day 25 Blogger: K at Addicted to Happily Ever After

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Hi Y’all! It is November and I am bringing back #30DaysOfThanks for Year 4 aka #30DaysOfThanks2015. I had so much fun doing this last 3 years that I thought I would recycle the program again this year. Switching it up this year with 3 posts a day–1 author, 1 narrator, and 1 blogger that really touched me this year. I didn’t have room to thank everyone because really my life overfloweth with awesome bloggers, books, and listening enjoyment. I tried to fit in some new people who have come into my life/reading enjoyment the last year while still shouting out my tribe of many years. I am so glad that I didn’t have room because it means my life ROCKS!

K at Addicted to Happily Ever After

K is my Detroit Tigers sister from another mister. This is going to be a little mushy but after spending time with her at RAGT –I really do feel like we are almost family. That is me being the crazy one and her being a little saner. However, I think we are equally as smart-assey so all is good. She is a friend, fellow reader, and all around cool chick. I love her family updates. I love her new name for her blog (y’all that has been a long time coming–no more pigeon-holed). I love that she went to class to learn all these cool graphic design things to make it work for her. Plus, she reads good books. You totally need to check her out because I think many of you read the same things as she does (aka she reads NA–I am just not ready to go there). Go forth and tell her I sent ya 🙂

(PS this is another friend that doesn’t have their name on their website so not calling it out–however I am currently making up nicknames that start with K because of it LOL–she has been warned

Kookie Kaleidoscope , Krazy Katapult–I can keep going LOL)

About K (from her website)

Addicted to Happily Ever After

I started Addicted to Happily Ever After in November 2011 and have been blogging inconsistently since.   I can be sarcastic and quite witty at times.

I lean towards long winded reviews in which I end up talking my way through them.  In person, I’d probably talk your ear off about books for hours if I could.  Just be glad you’re reading this “About Me” after I’ve edited it down from the essay it used to be.

I read urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction in the adult category of books.  Bring in new adult, I’m all over contemporary romance.  I just can’t seem to stay away from young adult so I read it all in that age group.

Basically, I’m all over the place in my reading.

I think .gifs are stupid in reviews.  I’ve used a .gif once and that was in a non-review post and it was a Monty Python .gif so it doesn’t count.

I used to work in the finance industry, healthcare industry, fast food, landscape maintenance, retail, swim team coach… just about everything except I was never a police officer, despite what I told those guys at the bar that one night in college.

I’m an elected public official in my township.  No, seriously.  I really am.  Parks Commissioner – that’s my title.  … stop laughing, it’s not that funny.

Seriously, I love books and I’m grateful that I have this outlet to share my love.  Thank you very much for visiting my little ‘ole blog.

You made my day!!!

…. stop laughing.  I’m serious.

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10 responses to “#30DaysOfThanks2015 Day 25 Blogger: K at Addicted to Happily Ever After

  1. OMG!! Remember when your TOOTH fell out!! Good times… no, it really didn’t fall out but still…

    Seriously, people… can I tell you how enormously nervous I was to go up to Felicia and introduce myself to her so I could meet her in person?!?! And then Melanie was there, too. I don’t think Melanie smiles so I was afraid of her!! Oh, the first impressions!!!

    Yeah, she’s kind of been one of my superstar bloggers I followed and admired ever since I “met” her during the Kevin Hearne Read-a-long WAAAAAAY Back when!! Gosh, look how far Smash and Amanda have come since then!!

    I am seriously humbled you call me friend, sista, and I love you immensely. Thank you for taking me under YOUR wing!!


    Crap, I’ve got to get my NAME on my blog – it’s KRISTIN!!!! yikes…

      • I had Kristin all over the post though I probably spelt it with an “e” because I always spell people’s names wrong then I looked at your about me, comments on your site, and was like hells bells I need to take it out LOL Then I had fun coming up with nicknames 🙂

        I know look at Smash and Amanda–they are rock stars! I feel like we can do the whole knew you when speech.

        :):) *HUGGLES* and Love!

        PS> That Tigers shirt is my most worn t-shirt 🙂 I wear it all the time!