Zombie Review: Siege (As The World Dies: A Zombie Trilogy #3) by Rhiannon Frater (Extraordinary)

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As the survivors continue to seek stability in their lives, forces both inside and outside the fort walls move them toward a final, climactic conflict between the living and the dead. Jenni, Katie and the others discover that they are not alone, that there is another enclave of survivors whose leaders plan to take over the fort.

Faced with a series of difficult decisions, each choice they make could lead to the deaths of those they love or, if not careful, their own demise.

Meanwhile, an army of the dead is descending on the fort. Soon, the living will face their ultimate fear…

…a siege by the dead.

But they will fight to the end to survive…

As the world dies.

Read in April, 2012

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Overall Rating: 5+
Story Rating: 5+
Character Rating: 5+

NOTE: I feel the need to start my review with a note this time. I have read (and rated) 468 books and have only given 40–5 star ratings. Both The First Days and Siege got 5’s from me. I can not stress how well written, brilliantly executed, and boldly told this series is. You must read it even if you don’t like zombies. It is a story of humanity, heartbreak, and hope!

First Thought when Finished: That is a way to end a trilogy!

What I Loved: When a series comes to an end, I look for 2 things: closure and hope. As a reader, I need to feel closure for both the characters and myself. I need to know that this particular phase (emotional, physical, challenge) has been met and that the characters are off to face a new phase in their lives. I also need hope. I need to feel like their world goes on and that they embrace the life that they have been given. That this life (yes I realize it is fictional) they have is worth fighting for and the future (no matter how bleak) holds hope for a better tomorrow with loved ones. These key elements allow me to feel that I was lucky to have shared this part of the characters journey and for now we part ways. Rhiannon Frater managed to break my heart, sew it back together, scare me to death, and finally leave me with hope that these characters that I have come to love would move on from now and into the future! I could not ask for more from a story than what I was given in Siege. It was a very fitting end to what will be one of my favorite trilogies EVER!

What I Liked: My favorite thing about Rhiannon’s writing (both series that I have read) is her ability to create complex characters in all shades of grey. However, with this series it was her ability to build a world that was compelling and believable. It is not often that you get both compelling characters and a world that almost counts as a character all its own!

Final Thought: Both The First Days and Siege received 5’s from me. I stand behind those ratings 110% and recommend these books to anyone who enjoys a really good story told with a ton of courage and alright just a bit of gore (really there is gore–I have to mention it LOL)! Get thee to the bookstore! You won’t be sorry!

PS: I am not leaving out Fighting to Survive–I gave it a 4.75! This is probably the highest rated series (outside Harry Potter) that I have given. Truly it was just brilliant!

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18 responses to “Zombie Review: Siege (As The World Dies: A Zombie Trilogy #3) by Rhiannon Frater (Extraordinary)

  1. I love Rhiannon Frater!! I’ll read ANYTHING she writes! She’s brilliant! I just purchased this trilogy series books 1-3 a few weeks ago in AUDIO!!! *bounces* I adore her Vampire Bride series and am anxiously awaiting for it to release in AUDIO! She said it’s coming soon to Audible.com! Even though I own that series in Kindle format I’ll most certainly buy the audio version of it, too. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m so freaking excited to have finally started this series. Started The First Days TODAY!!! So I am going to blog frantically and READ, READ, READ.

  3. So I read the first paragraph of your review and quickly added it to my list. I know that a lot of people loved the earlier books but I just assumed that they wouldn’t be a fit for me. But now I’ve decided that I need to get with the program. I didn’t read the rest of your review only because I’m afraid to learn anything that I don’t want to know.

  4. Ooh, a world filled with shades of gray? Yes, please. So many urban fantasies are black and white. It’s hard to get those shades just right so that sometimes you feel for the “bad” guy. This one sounds absolutely fabulous.

  5. Ugh! I hate myself like Missie I have been listening to people rave about this author and I have not jumped in and read her books. I promise I am going over to Amazon to look into a Kindle book. I don’t give out five stars lightly either so if you say this is excenllent then I trust you!

  6. I kind of hate myself for not having read this series yet. I mean I love zombie movies and shows, but reading about them is kind of meh for me. But I get the sense that that wouldn’t be the case if I read this series.

    And I’m the same as you. I need my closure and hope at the end of a series.

    • I do need closure and hope! If I don’t get it, I feel a little bit like “what was the point”. I know in some cases it is super realistic to leave everyone with a sense of dread BUT I don’t want to read those kind of books LOL

  7. I know you don’t give out 5 star ratings lightly Felicia, so when you do, I pay attention! I just looked up how many 5 star ratings I’ve given yesterday, and I’m at 23 in 2 years and 250 some-odd reviewed books. While Zombies are very definitely not my thing, I’ve heard nothing but outstanding things about this series, so I think I need to get over it!

    • I think you would like it from the human story side! It really is amazing how fleshed out these characters are! You and I are both stingy with our 5’s but truly only a few books are worthy in my mind πŸ™‚

      I loved it but I love Zombies so that should be taken into consideration πŸ™‚

  8. SQUEE!!!!! Felicia!!! Did this book not completely just RIP YOUR FREAKING HEART OUT?!?! I know dude! I am SO glad you loved this series as much as I did! Seriously…. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!