#YarnTherapy: Goals for 2019

Posted January 3, 2019 by Felicia S in Crafting with The Geeky Blogger / 10 Comments


Last year I spent a good portion of the year falling back in love with all things yarn crafting! I got more confident in my knitting and mixing it with my crochet skills. This year I have a few things I want to complete and learn in 2019!

1: I had to pull out a blanket that I completed last year because I had a part in the center that the stitches unraveled. I took the yarn that I could save (most of it) and putting it into a new blanket. I need to get better at switching yarns in knitting. So the redo blanket is on my goal list!

2: Socks! I am determined this year to find a heel I can do!

3: Sweater–last year I did one but the fit is not quite right. I need learn more about keeping my gauge and blocking.

4: I need to crochet a new set of dishtowels and wash clothes. Seriously these are the best things ever and last much better than store bought ones.

5: 3 blankets for gifts for my parents.

What are your crafting goals?

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10 responses to “#YarnTherapy: Goals for 2019

  1. Sock heels were made necessary by the devil. I’ve made many pairs of socks. I finally have figured out what I need to do to fit sweaters but you have to be careful since each pattern is different.

    Do you have a pattern you recommend for dishtowels and what type of yarn do you use? I have not had great luck with this but I haven’t tried them much. Anne – Books of My Heart

  2. Stormi D Johnson

    I want to learn/get better at crocheting and knitting. I tried it a while back but I need to remember I won’t make really cool stuff right off the bad and not to get so frustrated when it’s lopsided and just try again…lol. Quickly learnt patience is a virtue I don’t have! πŸ™‚

  3. Great goals, I think crafting satisfies our creative sides and plus we feel great when we learn new skills. At present I love quilting and last year developed skills and this year hope to carry on with that.

  4. Deb

    oh wow I love this. I adore crafting, from quilting, knitting, crocheting, paper crafts, planning, sewing so in other words everything.

    I would like to carry this over and start a post like this if you wouldn’t mind Felicia?

    Happy New Years!