Audiobook Review: Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright

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Audiobook Review: Wicked Cravings by Suzanne WrightSource: Audiobook Review, Provided by Brilliance

Format: Audiobook

Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright
Narrator: Jill Redfield
Length: 12 hrs and 33 mins

Date Read: May 2013

Genre: PNR, Romance

Despite having been besotted with Dante Garcea since she was a child, wolf shifter Jaime Farrow figures that it’s time to move past the crush. If he wanted her, he wouldn’t have ignored her flirtatious behavior, right? Hiding her intense attraction to him isn’t easy – especially now that they're part of the same pack again – but with bigger issues to worry about and with the submissive wolf act to maintain, Jaime is resolute on moving forward. Now if only the workaholic control-freak would let her…

As the pack Beta, Dante doesn't have the space or time in his life for a relationship. As such, he ignores his intense hunger for the willful – and sometimes crazy – Jaime. Yet when her flirtations abruptly end, Dante finds that he doesn’t like losing her attention. He finds something else too – Jaime's hiding something. Determined to uncover her secret, he sets out to break through her defenses, even though being around her intensifies his cravings for her. What he finds is a problem that Jaime is convinced not even a powerful Beta can solve.

More Information:
Publisher: Brilliance Audio, Montlake Romance
Series: The Phoenix Pack #2

My Thoughts on


Read from May 14 to 16, 2013

Listened to for Review (Brilliance Audio)
Overall Rating: 3.50
Story Rating: 3.00
Character Rating: 4.00

Audio Rating: 3.50 (not part of the overall rating)

First Thought when Finished: These are some spectacularly smexy shifters! I haven’t blushed this much in a while.

Story Thoughts: I will admit I wasn’t prepared for the amount of smexy time that was in Wicked Cravings (I did not read the first book but I will) so that impacted me getting into the story. I also thought that the main relationship at times went over the line with permission levels not being clear. I wasn’t happy with those scenes at all. I admit I have to be warned when reading super smexy with these tones. I have to set my mind that smex will happen at even the most inappropriate times and that my levels of comfortable will be challenged. I did enjoy the story outside of that though and thought these group of shifters were fantastically complicated. I know I will be counting down to the next in series as I think it will be one that will sweep me. So bring it on Nick and Shayla.

Character Thoughts: Not going to lie, the Shifters of The Phoenix Pack are fantastic. The characters are what kept me interested in the story even when I felt the tones of some scenes were over the line. Each of them were complicated, smart, sexy, and very dynamic. There are some great friendships too. Both genders had strong bonds to their packmates and friends. Who isn’t a sucker for stories that highlight and promote strong bonds outside of romance? The humor was down right fun! Most of the characters were very sassy and the shout outs to pop culture made me grin. Attitude with my romance is always made of win. The women are just as strong as the men and can hold their own even when they aren’t dominate (Shayla is a great example). HUGE selling point for me. All in all, I really recommend this series based on the characters alone!

Audio Thoughts:

Narrated by Jill Redfield/Running Time 12 hours 43 minutes

Jill did a great job with the women voices in Wicked Cravings. She was also excellent with emotions, pacing, and timing. I wasn’t sold on her male voices but I would listen to another audiobook if she narrated it. Specifically the ones with strong female characters.

Final Thoughts: I think Wicked Cravings would work for people who love super smexy shifter stories with a high amount of “romantic times”

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6 responses to “Audiobook Review: Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright

  1. Sexy audios make me a little flushed too, especially if I happen along those moments in public. Our WASPy upbringing!

  2. Box checkmarked…. Oh I am so not a fan of over the top smexy it makes me feel like a dirty peeping tom and if this made you blush it would be plenty of page skipping for me. I will pass on this one. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. you are kicking out the ARC’s and while I am curious about what made you blush, I need to read the horseman before I go getting another series..bwahaha! Wonderful review as always Felicia!