Blogger Confession: Why I wait to buy certain writers

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Blogger Confession: Why I wait to buy certain writers….

Let me preface this confession with the following memo: I know this is not the best way to support my favorite writers. I know that pre-ordering, buying the first week, and reading/reviewing immediately is the way to be an awesome fan. However, there are reasons that I just don’t do it.

Here are the types of writers that I read/buy differently…

Slow Writer

The Slow Writer (series is the key here): I am not talking the once a year writer. I am actually OK with a new book in a series only coming out once a year. I am talking the 16 months or more writer. If it takes over 16 months for the next book in the series to come out then I sometimes lose interest. It is much better for me to read them once the whole series is out or when I know it is coming to an end. Otherwise, I just never finish the series at all.


The Cliffhanger Writer: These are the worst! I don’t like cliffhangers. They leave me edgy and sometimes angry. That is what they are supposed to do but unless I have the next book to read soon (with these that means in less than 6 months) then I tend to get angry with the series. That sometimes translates to me ditching the series all around. This is especially true if it was a book that was intriguing but not quite hooking me enough to put up with a cliffhanger. If I learn from previous experience that an author is notorious for cliffhangers then I won’t try their newer series till they are all out. I don’t care what the hype is around the book!

Open Endings

The Sudden Ending/Open Ending Writer: This is a fairly new phenomenon (at least to me). Lately, it appears that a trend of just ending a story out of the blue is happening. It drives me nuts! There have been several books that I have gone online after reading the last chapter just to confirm that I was not missing part of my book.Β  Seriously nothing worse than turning the page and realizing that the conversation didn’t end, the scene was just over, or the answers were not coming. I don’t know how or why this trend started but I have actively started avoiding authors that do it unless they have a follow-up book. However, this seems to be a new trend in stand alone books. So now I wait till my most trusted friends read the book so I can ask about the ending. I am now that person that emails people going “did it have a proper ending?”

Time Yet

(Not a type of writer unless you name them the down to the wire writer) The Audiobook isn’t Available till a couple of weeks/months after release: Audiobooks are sometimes on a different release schedule than the e-book/paperback release of a book. This isn’t on the author or even the distributor, audiobooks take time. If the final copy of the book isn’t ready till right before release then well there isn’t time to get the audiobook done. However, I am one of those people who will wait.Β  There are just some books and series that I prefer in audio format.

Do you sometimes wait to pick up a next book in series? Do you have authors that you read differently than others? What are your reasons for waiting?


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25 responses to “Blogger Confession: Why I wait to buy certain writers

  1. I am a horrible pre-order addict. Even if the series has gotten old, and I am tired of the characters, I just can’t let go. Now, do I read them right away, maybe not. Good example is Affliction by LKH. I have it on my kindle, pre-ordered it, but just haven’t had the urgency to read it, plus I haven’t looked to see when the next one is coming out, so it has been left behind.

  2. Slow writers are the worst for me. Nothing like falling in love with a series only to have to wait two years for the next book.

  3. I feel like I’m a bad author-supporter just because it’s really rare for me to run out and pre-order a book or buy it when it first comes out. The new releases really add up in price if I did that for all the books I wanted! Plus, with my review schedule I never end up reading them as soon as I buy them anyway, so it’s like why not wait until the next book comes out and the first one is on sale as a kindle deal (as an example.)

    I really love binge reading (just like I love binge watching series on Netflix/Amazon) and so it’s awesome when a complete series is out and I can gobble all the books up at once. However there are exceptions – like KMM’s spin off to the Fever series. I know I’ll be buying Burned as soon as it’s out, even though I’m really sad it’s taking so long for it to come out.. I think it’s because the author has had some personal issues going on in her life, delaying her writing, which is understandable. And she’s changed her idea for the series a bit, now including Mac and Barrons more in this series than she was first planning on.

    Sometimes I feel left out of the hype on so many books and series that it seems everyone in the blogosphere is reading except for me.. but I know that if it’s something that appeals to me (and I’m not just grabbing it for the hype) then it’s worth waiting on too. And sometimes that’s a good determiner – if I’m just grabbing it for the hype or if it really actually appeals to me.

    Great post! Cliffhangers definitely do suck – I was totally glad that I had waited to read the Fever series especially because that was a killer cliffhanger in the 4th book of the series!! I can’t imagine having to wait a year or so to find out what had happened!

  4. Oh Felicia! You just summed up so much for me here! I have learned the hard way on the cliffhangers. So many YA books feature the cliffhanger and get raved about so I would read them, only to be left wanting. Now I’ve read the first two books in a series and the third was supposed to come out in March, then it was June, and now it’s November. I don’t even believe them any more. From now on, I’ll just wait until all the books are published.

    I’m also trying to use my library more. Plus it’s not like I have a lack of options in Mt. Read Me. I’ll survive waiting until a whole series is out.

    Thanks for this post! I’m glad to know I’m not alone. πŸ˜‰

  5. Omg yes and I hate when that happens with audiobooks! I’ve only ever been super concerned for one audiobook, but it is so disappointing when you want listen to a book on audio because of the narrator or whatever, but that means you have to wait and not be part of the initial rush of people reading the book!

  6. Yep, I so agree with all your points. I tend to avoid authors who utilize cliffhangers until all the books are out as I get so frustrated. I am hating these open endings. I have had two in the last two weeks, so irritating. I also grow irritated with the slow writers… K.M. Moning for instance!

  7. I almost always wait on series books, whether they’re known for having cliffhangers or not. On those occasions that I do read the first book in a series, an unsatisfying cliffhanger ending pretty much ruins my opinion of that series/author and I won’t continue… which, you know, is the exact opposite of the intended effect.

    I tend to get ragey about poorly-done cliffhangers. I know it’s a tough balancing act to give this book a satisfying ending but still leave threads hanging for the next book… but it can be done. And anything less feels like a cheap ploy.

  8. YES FELICIA!!! I couldn’t agree more with this post. Karen Marie Moning is one of those authors I love, but she is very, very slow. Burned has been pushed back I think 3 times now? And when it finally does come out in January next year, it will have been over 2 years since the previous book. That’s a long time to wait, and as much as I know I’ll want to read, I’m thinking waiting will be a good thing because the next book will likely be years away once again. Brutal:)

  9. There are authors that I preorder/read & review immediately,BUT (with few exceptions *cough* Ilona Andrews *cough*) that can change. I kind of view it like any other relationship, and relationships come with expectations. If an author consistently doesn’t meet those expectations, they get moved off the list–and it’s a lot harder to get back on the list, once you’ve been removed. But again like a real relationship, if they consistently DO meet those expectations (for YEARS and throughout numerous different series), it will take a LOT for me to abandon them. Midnight Crossroad being a perfect example πŸ˜‰ A couple of mediocre Sookie books are not enough for me to lose faith in Harris, and all it takes is one, new good book, and faith is restored.

  10. Uhg, I despise this open-ended ending trend. I WANT IT ALL TIED UP IN A NEAT LITTLE BOW, thank you very much. Life’s open-ended. My books shouldn’t be.

  11. So I’m not up to date with a lot if series, making this an almost null issue for me. I have one series that the author is slow (sometimes 2 years slow) and tends to end with a cliffhanger – I buy these books immediately, but I think that’s because I discovered the series before I was a blogger and had so many books I wanted to read. I love the series and anxiously wait for the next book, but boy do I wish she would hurry!! I do like cliffhangers, but not when I have to wait a really long time.

  12. I’ll usually wait on the audio if it’s a series I’ve been listening to for a while and I really like the narrator, like Darynda Jones or Molly Harper. Otherwise, I’ll also sometimes wait if I find the book is overpriced, depends on the author.

  13. I am one of those type of people who refuse to have to reread a book so I can start the next one so it’s one of the reasons I hardly ever finish a series because I forget about them when I have to wait. Just this year I have started a list of series I have read so I can try and remember to look for the next book. I hate cliffhanger endings!!! I guess it’s why I normally wait till a series has several books going before I give it a try.

  14. finley jayne

    Great topic today! I’m with you and HATE cliffhanger endings. If I know one is in a first-in-series book, I’ll more than likely wait for the second book to come out (or make sure it’s being released soon).

  15. Cliffhangers are the worst, especially when the writer doesn’t have the next book ready for a year or more. I try to wait to start these until most of the books are released. I’m not a fan of these type endings in the first place so if I find out the book has one, I back burner the series.

    Great topic!

  16. Speaking from experience, endings are HARD to write. Not that that excuses an abrupt one. But I think it can definitely be a struggle, especially when each reader brings her own expectations and desires to it. But since endings heavily influence my desire for the next book + feelings for them entire book, yeah… they definitely affect why I wait on books. Or why I’ll pick it up from the library first.

  17. For me, the slower writer applies… I have to pretty much reread the prior book so I’d rather just wait. I am not a fan of cliffhangers either (at all!) so I like to wait on those too if I can. I actually try to find out ahead of time.

  18. I tend to buy them right away, if they’re by truly favorite authors, but that doesn’t mean I’ll read them right away. I’m guilty of the “saving it for a special occasion” book hoarding. Hmm, I might use that topic for a discussion post! lol, but I agree with the audiobooks- I’ve really upped my audiobook purchases this past year and sometimes it’s hard not to love a narrator/author combo. I’m willing to wait if it means I can listen to a favorite author’s book narrated by a favorite narrator!

  19. Oh, God, slow writers. Is there any author out there any slower than Jean M. Auel? I’m not sure. It took her 31 years to write 6 books. I seriously thought she would croak before the last book came out in 2011.

    I hate cliffhangers, too. Don’t do that shit people! I will cut a person. lol

    The sudden or open ending. I read one of those only to find the rest of the book on the publisher’s website. Why? Why do that to me? It was not listed as an ongoing serial with a chapter a week. Grrr!

  20. I don’t really have that problem, I just buy more books than I can ever read. So if the series is known for cliffhangers, I will just hold on to the books and read them later.
    I am very glad I have not yet come across the abrupt endings, I think I would thrown the book out the door if that happened. That really sucks.