Donna’s Review: What’s a Highlander Got To Do by Sabrina York

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Donna’s Review: What’s a Highlander Got To Do by Sabrina YorkWhat a Highlander's Got to Do by Sabrina York

Date Read: March 6th 2018


Isobel Dounreay Lochlannach is a fierce and independent Scots lass. She has no intention to marry—to submit to a man—especially not an Englishman.

But when she meets a devilish stable lad on the way to London, she can’t help but sneak a kiss with the handsome stranger, sure to never see him again.

Nick Wyeth is not a stable lad. He’s Viscount Stirling, and heir to one of the most powerful dukes in the realm. If their indiscretion is discovered, Isobel will be forced to marry him, to succumb to a fate she has always spurned. Nick wants nothing but to call this wild Scottish lass his own, and is determined to show her how an English Viscount can make her swoon, and be his forever.

More Information:
Publisher: Swerve
Series: Untamed Highlanders #5

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Also in this series: The Highlander Is All That

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I have been waiting for Isobel Dounreay Lochlannach to grow up and have her own HEA. She stole many scenes in her mother and aunts’ books. I’m not sure her grandfather appreciated her arrows in his library books. Now grown, her mother has decided she needs a London season. Isobel disagrees, but at least her best friend, Catriona, is going to London also.
Isobel is staying with a family friend, Lady Willouby, in Newcastle until her family arrives. She can’t stay cooped up in the house while Lady Willouby has neighbors for tea, so she convinces the stable boy to tack up a stallion. As she’s galloping along, a man chases and pulls her off her horse. She is furious, but he shows her she was headed to the river with no bridge due to extensive flooding. The man was dressed as if he worked in a stable not a highwayman, and he wants a kiss as a reward. As she leaves, she says I might be here tomorrow.  They meet for several days, but then she leaves for London without being able to say good-bye.
Nick, Viscount Stirling, returns to London for the season never expecting to see her again, but his sister tells him about her new Scottish friend Isobel and he is thrilled. Isobel does not want an English lord, even if he is half Scot and she’s angry with him for not telling her. The ups and downs to their HEA are such fun to read. I love this book and can highly recommend it.


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