Blogger Confession: Answering the Quesiton-What kind of Reader am I?

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The other day I got a rather strange question “What kind of reader are you?”.  My initial answer was voracious!  “No, no, no” they said “What kind of books do you read?”

That answer is if it is a good story, I will read it regardless of genre.  I had to explain this to them because they pointed out that I must be a PNR or non-fiction reader because that was all they had seen me with. I thought about that and decided to explain my reading history so they could understand that really it is about the story to me.

I have been reading since I can remember.  My first book that I kept and read over and over and over (went through at least 3 copies) was Ms. Piggy’s Guide to Life.  I think I was about 7.  When I hit my teenage years I would pretty much devour any book I could get my hands on.  Some of my favorites were Dana Fuller Ross’ Wagon West Series, anything by Louis Lamore, John Jakes North and South series, and any Harlequin Romances that my grandmother would leave out where I could get my hands on.  I would pretty much spend my summers reading and the local librarian would have to call me to say a book I hadn’t read was in stock.  I still have the Wagon West series and read them periodically.   As I moved into my 20’s, I noticed that my reading included a ton of Historical Fiction, Thrillers, and what little PNR I could get my hands on.  Plus any non-fiction that I found intriguing.  I have found that when you are broke (like I was in my early 20’s) that reading is one of the most cost effective forms of entertainment you can have.  My 30’s have pretty much encompassed all of the above.  I think the reason PNR has been top of my list for the last few years is because the genre itself is on a creative upswing.  I am so excited that there are new and brilliant authors out there getting their chance because the genre has gone a little main stream.  So my TBR list is full of new authors to try.  Also, YA is huge now and I have a ton of them on my reading list.  I also though have quite a few other books on my list: The Help, Mr. Darcy’s Diary, and Janet E.  I also love non-fiction and self-help books, so needless to say I am never wondering if I will have a next book to read.  It is more like when am I ever going to have a reasonable TBR list. (Answer: Probably Never). So my late 30’s have been spent enjoying the creative upswing and publications that the industry is going though.  I am definitely not complaining and I am enjoying every minute of it.

So what kind of reader am I?  I am going back to my original answer:  voracious!  The person who asked me had to agree!

What kind of reader are you?

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