Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in September 26 2014

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Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in September 26 2014

Hey Book Blog Walkers! It is time for your weekly check-in! How are you doing this week? Did you get a day, 2 days, 3 days of walking (or other exercise)? I am so very proud of you for making the effort to get heart healthy and putting exercise in your life. We can do it! Even if it is one step at a time πŸ™‚

This week was a tough one for me. I hit my goal of an average of 6000 steps a day (I say that because Sunday is my rest day–I wear my fitbit but I don’t try to hit any certain number) so one or two days I have to do 7000 or more steps to make up for Sunday.Β  However, I had to talk myself into it every night. Have you gone through that? Where you want to just say screw it and throw your hands in the air? I am waiting for that “I LOVE TO EXERCISE” thing to kick in. Right now I am just happy to hit goal and have it over!Β  I lost another pound this week. I appear to be going the extreamly slow and steady route LOL I am ok with that though. I thought I would be discouraged but really I feel if I can take any off (no matter the pace) then I am doing good. Thyroids are so hard to figure out and I really don’t want to do meds. I will if I end up having too but I want to try the holistic approach first πŸ™‚Β  Flu is gone! YEAH! So I feel 100% human again. That was a great feeling πŸ™‚ I am going to be doing a bunch of DIY this weekend and getting the final touches of MessToBest.Com running πŸ™‚ So there should be fun ahead!

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8 responses to “Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in September 26 2014

  1. Yea! So glad you are feeling better! And congrats on the weight loss (better one pound down than up!) and meeting your step count. Sounds like a good week! I’ve been working really hard at my goals and it all seems to be going well. I’m not a “I LOVE EXERCISE” person at all, but I do enjoy my 30 minutes of walking – mostly because it’s quiet time that I can listen to my book. Keep it up!

  2. It is good to hear you are feeling better! Losing another pound is great! It is a slow and frustrating progress but it is nice to see results. I get lazy a lot but I have to push myself too. I’ve been seeing your meal preps on Instagram and I have try this out. The new blog looks great so I’ll definitely watch out for your posts! Great job and have a nice week!

  3. I am with you, found it hard to force myself out this week too. I think slow and steady is a great way to go for losing weight, more likely to keep it off I think. Even 100g is quite a bit when I think of 100g (40z) of butter on the scales for baking. That’s quite a bit to take off your body!

  4. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. One of the reasons I like working out first thing in the morning is that then it’s done! If I leave it to later in the day, I find myself putting it off and then sometimes not doing it.

    Congrats on another pound lost! YAY!!!

  5. I’m glad you’re over the flu! I know when I’m sick even with a cold, I lose all ambition to walk, and it’s hard to get it back. It will get better!

    Off to check out your new website!