Vacation Review: Too Hot To Touch by Louisa Edwards (Rating 4.25 Wine Glasses)

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I actually managed to get some wonderful “just because I want too” vacation reading done while I was out of town! So instead of writing up long reviews of each one, I am just going to give my overall thoughts.

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Overall Rating 4.25
Story Rating 4.00
Character Rating 4.50

Vacation Review: I will admit that I am a fan of a man who cooks! In fact, Hot Chefs just kind of do it for me; so I had some pretty high expectations for this story. Louisa did not let me down! First I loved the idea of the food competition. I have watched so many of them on Food Network that I totally could “get” all the pressure around prepping, planning, and competing. I loved Jules for so many reasons: strong, smart, flawed, scared, and most of all very loyal to her “adopted” family. Max, at first, took a little bit of warming up too but I think that was because of information withheld from him. Together though, Jules and Max were sizzling! They had a heat index of 110!

Little Note: I am most interested in Becks though (one of the cooks) as I think he is all kinds of hotness and mystery! It was the secondary characters that really made this book shine: Winston, Danny, Kane, Eva, and Claire! I am really excited for the rest of the series!

Louisa Edwards

Too Hot To Touch (Rising Star Chef #1)Some Like It Hot

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3 responses to “Vacation Review: Too Hot To Touch by Louisa Edwards (Rating 4.25 Wine Glasses)

  1. Diana (Book of Secre

    Mmmm, yes. The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. Love a man who cooks!

  2. barbara

    Love your review! I'll have to check out her books; I'm a total foodie and a man who cooks is soooo hot! :)Thanks for sharing!

  3. Melissa (Books and T

    Love that cover. Hey! He has nipples (or at least one nip!) LOLThis sounds like a good fun read. Yep… I need to read it. I too love a man that cooks (that way I don't have to!)