Urban Fantasy Review/H&W Tuesdays: Deceived by the Others by Jess Haines (Outstanding)

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They’re here, and they’re real. . .werewolves, vampires, mages, and other creatures of the night. For New York P.I. Shiarra Waynest, taking care of Others business started out as a way to stay solvent. But now business is getting very, very complicated. . .

Shiarra’s relationship with sexy werewolf Chaz may be somewhat unconventional. Still, after a few bumps, Shia is finally ready to get serious. That means meeting family—or in this case, bringing Chaz’s entire werewolf pack along for a rollicking full-moon weekend in the Catskills.

Soon after they arrive, threatening notes appear, warning Chaz to go home. Then their cabin is ransacked. Shia starts digging to find out whether it’s the work of upstart teenaged werewolves or something more sinister. Yet as rumors about her vampire connections arouse the pack’s hostility, Shia has to contend with other dangers. Not just from an adversary about to make his fatal intentions known, but from a threat that’s even closer than she knows. . .

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Overall Rating: 4.00
Character Rating: 3.75
Story Rating: 4.25

First thought when finished: Chaz you BROKE MY HEART!

What I Loved: I really love Shiarra! I know she probably won’t work for everyone but I love that she is so aware of who she is. Her life is not exactly going as planned but she is pulling herself up by the bootstraps one day at a time. I really loved (for the first half) getting to know Chaz more. It gave us a glimpse of what Shiarra sees in him and we had been missing that from the first two installments. Ok, the geek girl in me has decided that I love the “GTFO” group though I have to dock points from my girl Shi for not knowing what that meant!

What I Liked: We got to learn more about the packs in this story and more about weres in general. As y’all know in the paranormal world I love my witches, then my weres, and then the vampires. This series has all 3 and now I feel we have a pretty good feel for all of them. Even though what we learned about some weres was less than stellar.

What made me go huh?: Chaz broke my heart and the end felt a little rushed to me. I get that she was pissed but the Chaz we got to know in the beginning now seemed to disappear. I don’t want them together but I don’t want to think he was just a bad guy all along. An ass yes, a truly bad guy (kill them, take no prisoners) NO! The whole get out of my car now really ticked me off and felt a little out of character to me!

Final Thought: I am loving this world! You have to love a book that makes you angry in parts 🙂

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5 responses to “Urban Fantasy Review/H&W Tuesdays: Deceived by the Others by Jess Haines (Outstanding)

  1. Hm… still need to read this series so I skimmed. One thing is clear… I must read this series! I’ll also make sure it’s in a place where the dogs aren’t so I can pitch the book when I get mad at it. 🙂

  2. Uh Oh. I don’t like the sound of this Chaz business! I haven’t read any of these, but I always get nervous when I know my heart is going to get ripped out as the books continue (kind of like the Shifter series with Faythe and Marc and Jace). I think if I try these you’re going to have to send me a lengthy email letting me know what happens so I know going in:)