Donna’s Review: Tying the Scot by Jennifer Trethewey

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Donna’s Review: Tying the Scot by  Jennifer TretheweyTying the Scot by Jennifer Trethewey

Date Read: November 27th 2017


At age eleven, Alex Sinclair pledges an oath to the Duke of Chatham promising to serve and protect his illegitimate daughter, Lucy FitzHarris. Nine years later, the duke unexpectedly takes Alex up on his vow, offering the future Laird of Balforss his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Now a man, hotheaded Alex has difficulty convincing Lucy—who would rather starve to death than marry a vulgar Scot—to go through with the arranged marriage. Once Lucy arrives in Scotland, she cannot resist the magic of Balforss or the allure of her handsome Highland warrior. But when Alex seemingly betrays Lucy right before their wedding, she is tricked into running away. Alex must rein in his temper to rescue his lady from unforeseen danger and Lucy must swallow her pride if she hopes to wed the Highlander she has come to love.

More Information:
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Series: The Highlanders of Balforss #1

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Alex Sinclair, son of Laird John Sinclair of Balforss, was 11 when he met 9-year-old Lady Lucy FitzHarris and rescued her ball from the pond at her father’s estate. Her father declared him her Protector. Their fathers, who had been friends for a long time, wanted a match between them.
Years later, Lucy was sent to Scotland to marry him. She wanted to marry an Englishman she had a crush on. Her father realized the English aristocracy would never accept her. Her brother, George, saw her to the ship and advised “Don’t let fear and anger rule you. Instead, think of this as a great adventure and value each moment – good and bad”.
Alex’s parents are thrilled with the upcoming marriage and do all they can to show her she’s welcome. As her own mother had died years earlier she became attached to his mother immediately. She enjoyed learning how to make candles and garden. His family is also helping those Scots who are run off their lands and homes, burned due to the Clearances.
His aunt, uncle and evil cousins arrive early and do their best to ruin the upcoming marriage. They convince her he doesn’t want to marry her, and she leaves with them. She is kidnapped and held in a cellar. Alex, along with his cousins, Ian and Declan, rescue her. They do get their HEA!
I really try not to give away too much in a review. I hope you’ll read this new author as the book is very good. I’m looking forward to reading more by Jennifer Trethewey. There are some typos and wrong names but not enough to spoil the story.
Felicia Here: I also read and really loved this! It was a lot of fun and I look forward to more in the series 🙂


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One response to “Donna’s Review: Tying the Scot by Jennifer Trethewey

  1. I’m listening to this one right now and really enjoying it. For some reason, at the beginning it didn’t hold my attention – to the extent that I kept have to rewind and relisten because I realized my mind had wandered and I had no idea what had happened. But I haven’t had that problem for the last several chapters, so I think it was either just getting adjusted to a new book or me being so busy that I couldn’t shut my brain down enough to enjoy a good book! I do really like the characters and their interactions have been fun.