TV Review: Dear Zachery: A Letter to a Son about His Father

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TV Review

This year I am balancing my life out a bit by including more TV, Movies, Gaming, and not just books. These will be the reviews of some of the things I am watching (TV or Movies). I don’t have cable so all of these will come either through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Movie Theater, or Roku channels.


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Overall Rating: 4.50
Story Rating: 4.50
Watchable Rating: 4.50

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First Thought when Finished: Dear Zachery made me angry, sad, ugly cry, and ultimately fall in love with 2 people that I will never get to meet.

Quick Thoughts: I rented this because it was recommended to me because I am an avid ID, Forensic, True Crime type of person. In general, I am fascinated by the process of catching people who commit crimes. This was more about the victim(s) and it was truly heartbreaking. It was done in a way that intrigued me from beginning to end. I always think these type of things are great if the first thing I do is go to google after it is over. I did with this!  I won’t give spoilers but will say that you want to watch this. It will make you angry. It will make you sad. Most of all, it will make you cry, so grab some hankies.


About Dear Zachery: A Letter to a Son about His Father:

Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne’s poignant tribute to his murdered childhood friend, Andrew Bagby, tells the story of a child custody battle between Bagby’s grieving parents and Shirley Turner, Bagby’s pregnant ex-girlfriend and suspected killer.

Runtime: 1 hour, 33 minutes

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9 responses to “TV Review: Dear Zachery: A Letter to a Son about His Father

  1. I’ve heard about this documentary but haven’t watched it yet. I want to though and your review makes me want to more. I’m sure you have but I’m going to ask anyway: have you watched Making of a Murderer on Netflix yet? I’d love to know you’re thoughts on that!!!

  2. I loved this documentary. I watched it about two years ago when I was overcoming some health issues and had to take an extended leave from work. I have never been so heartbroken by a documentary like this one. This is one I always recommend to people who are interesting in True Crime type stories like this.

  3. This is a fun post, and I like those kind of movies/shows. Just the title alone says that it will be a tearjerker. I’m not familiar with this one – probably because I rarely watch t.v. or movies anymore – and feel like I miss out on so much.

  4. I’ve seen this! Because I too am an ID obsessed kind of girl (I used to read a lot of True Crime when I was in my late teens, but it’s hard to find well-written true crime, so I rarely do it now). This made me ugly cry too! I think part of the reason that I watch ID is because most times the killers are got and punished- I tend to avoid any “Unsolved Mysteries” kind of shows, because the injustice of it all hurts my heart. I may have to re-watch it the next time I need a good cry.

  5. I am interested to see some of your tv and movie reviews. I rarely get to watch much on tv this year as the tv is alwasy hogged by husband and children. I do need to find a couple of good shows or movies to watch when I have some down time.

  6. I am fond of these types of shows. I binge watch Broadchurch (?) the British version with David Tennant and it certainly is affecting. These shows aren’t easy ESP if told from the Victims’ POV