#LoveMyLibraryCard Guest Post: Traveling the 941-942 Section by Georgie Lee

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Georgie Lee

Traveling the 941-942 Section.

I can’t get enough of non-fiction history. The library feeds my addiction. My passion for history began in junior high when I discovered Greek Mythology. Off I went to the 292 section and I went through nearly every book on the shelf. My fascination with the ancient world then branched out into Ancient Egypt and the 931 section became my obsession. Being so close to 941, it was inevitable I would stumble upon the section and what would become my most enduring historical love, British history.

The 941-942 sections are the repository of Britain’s past. I have fond memories of wandering there discovering books on The Tower of London, castles, kings, queens and the Celts. I was probably the only high school student in the area who could have found her way to this section with my eyes closed. Now that I write romance novels set in Regency England, we are closer than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, my love affair with 941-942 doesn’t stop me from visiting other sections. During recent research for a new book idea, I wandered into 919, Arctic exploration and 560, paleontology. That month, the library was running a special, check out 20 books, get 2 free tickets to a major league baseball game. As if I needed the encouragement. I was already yanking books off the shelf like they were sales items on black Friday.

It wasn’t long before I was back in the old familiar territory, checking out a book on Queen Elizabeth which had nothing to do with my research. I just can’t help it and I don’t want to. There’s a world of research books out there I’ve never read and I want to check them out. If it weren’t for the library, I don’t know how else I would discover them or the fascinating stories inside. It’s these true life tales and the tidbits from history which inspire my fictional ones. It’s my desire to step back in time which drives me to write and to visit the 941-942 section again and again.


Georgie5.3-1A lifelong history buff, Georgie Lee hasn’t given up hope that she will one day inherit a title and a manor house. Until then, she fulfills her dreams of lords, ladies and a season in London through her stories. The Courtesan’s Book of Secrets, her third Harlequin Historical, will be available October 1, 2014. When not writing, she can be found reading non-fiction history or watching any movie with a costume and an accent. Please visit www.georgie-lee.com to learn more about Georgie and her books.

Felicia Here: Thanks you so much for stopping by today Georgie. You are a gal after my own heart. My other alias is thehistorychic so I have been down those sections many a time. In fact, it was a history buff librarian that turned me on to History Newsgroups! I have been in heaven ever since!

Georgie is also releasing a book on Oct 1!

Georgie Lee Cover

To save his family legacy, Rafe Densmore must seize a courtesan’s infamous register. No one can ever know how his father betrayed his country! One person stands in Rafe’s way—the beautiful Cornelia, Comtesse de Vane. 

In the card rooms of Paris, Rafe and Cornelia made an unbeatable…intimate team. Until, convinced of Rafe’s desertion, desperate Cornelia married an elderly comte. Now, returning to London an impoverished widow, she’ll do anything to possess the register. 

Even if that means becoming Rafe’s partner once again…

Available October 1, 2014
Amazon * Barnes & Noble  * Harlequin * KOBO

Slideshow of her other books below. You can find out more at www.georgie-lee.com

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5 responses to “#LoveMyLibraryCard Guest Post: Traveling the 941-942 Section by Georgie Lee

  1. I love that section too! I just checked out The Plantagenets by Dan Jones, and I’m hoping to read She-Wolves by Helen Castor next. British history is fascinating!!

    I must say that I ♥ the title of Georgie’s new book. =) Off to take a look…

  2. Gosh, I can’t remember the last time I read a non-fiction book. And, it’s been so long since I’ve dealt with the Dewey decimal system that this post’s title made me scratch my head at first. Thanks for the insight, and I loved Lee’s enthusiasm for History!

    • I like doing research for genealogy so sometimes I am over there to find out more about the period I am researching. It is so much fun. Kind of like being a PI with the help of the library 🙂