Top Off Tuesdays: Wicked in Whispering Cove by Nikki Duncan

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What better way than to top off a good book than with a GREAT Cover!
Amanda from On a Book Bender, Christi from Smitten with Reading,and I want to see the covers that made you swoon!  Feel free to play along and show us your favorite covers.
 (yes this signed book plate is now on my bookshelf)

Sometimes the best diagnosis calls for a visit home, an unexpected reunion, and a sexual adventure.

Danica Kent, MD has settled into her new role as a small town doctor. She caters to her Whispering Cove patients, especially the rum drinking, poker playing, town grandfathers who have their hands in a bit of everything. But when one of those patients brings her face-to-face with her high school crush the work she’s done to reinvent herself falters.

Braydon Mitchell lives his life sailing around the world to write freelance magazine articles. He has no desire to settle down with a family in a small town, so he’s successfully avoided his grandfather’s pleas…until now. Returning home out of worry for his grandfather’s health, Braydon finds more than old friends in town for their high school reunion. His grandfather’s sexy doctor.

With erotic sparks igniting at their first touch, Danica makes Braydon want everything he isn’t built for…small town stability, a strong woman’s love, family. Can they find a common ground in love?

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8 responses to “Top Off Tuesdays: Wicked in Whispering Cove by Nikki Duncan

  1. Missie

    A signed Breast plate…er.. I mean book plate! Lucky you! I'd say this guy has all hands on deck! 😉

  2. Jenny

    Oh my. *rolls tongue back in mouth* He's so…pretty:) Stupid title bar getting in the way of the good stuff though;)