Thriller Review: Stolen Prey by John Sandford (Outstanding)

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Lucas Davenport has seen many terrible murder scenes. This is one of the worst. In the small Minnesota town of Deephaven, an entire family has been killed—husband, wife, two daughters, dogs.

There’s something about the scene that pokes at Lucas’s cop instincts—it looks an awful lot like the kind of scorched-earth retribution he’s seen in drug killings sometimes. But this is a seriously upscale town, and the husband was an executive vice president at a big bank. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

Until it does. And where it leads Lucas will take him into the darkest nightmare of his life.

Read from April 05 to 19, 2012

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Overall Rating: 4.25
Story Rating: 4.50
Character Rating: 4.00

First Thought when Finished: When is the next one?

What I Loved: Thrillers are so hard to review because the parts that you love the most are the parts you really shouldn’t talk about. The twists and turns in this investigation were done superbly by John Sandford. There was one that I did not see coming and it kind of knocked me on my hiney. Though the twist itself made perfect sense. I really loved the minor, more personal, case that Lucas was involved with. How it was tied up actually left me smiling which doesn’t happen very often in thrillers.

What I Liked: I am going to be upfront and admit I haven’t read any more in this series (though I do own the first few). I really liked Lucas, his family, and his co-workers. I feel like I would have loved them if I was more attached by reading the series. I liked that I didn’t feel lost even though this was the first book that I have read.

Final Thoughts: I would recommend this series to any Mystery/Thriller fans. I am pretty sure I am one of the last to jump on the John Sandford fan train but I am firmly there now!

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7 responses to “Thriller Review: Stolen Prey by John Sandford (Outstanding)

  1. Ive never tried this guy either, but Ive heard great things about his books…….I love thrillers when Im in the mood for a fast paced who done it story…:D

  2. I used to read this series a long time ago. I don't know what made me stop because I enjoyed them. I love mysteries/thrillers but I must admit that I love them more when there is some romantic things going on.

  3. I think I read one or two of these, mostly because it is set in Minnesota (and, at least the one I read, in Minneapolis/St. Paul). I remember liking it, but I think I wanted to start at the beginning and really get the full effect.