Donna’s Review: The Outlaw King by Julie Johnstone

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Donna’s Review: The Outlaw King by Julie JohnstoneSource: NetGalley EBook Review

Outlaw King by Julie Johnstone

Date Read: September 8, 2018

Genre: Historical, Romance

She’s the weapon intended to destroy him. He’s the key to her freedom.

Dark days have come to Scotland, and fierce warrior Robert the Bruce would do anything to release his country from English rule—and not just because he’s the rightful heir to the Scottish throne. As the bloody war rages on, enemies on both sides of the fight surround him, and Robert must dance a dangerous line between truth and deception. One misstep could topple his nation and cost him his life, yet one woman tempts him—and threatens his mission—as no other ever has.

Elizabeth de Burgh longs for freedom in a time when women have none. So when she finds herself ordered by her ruthless father and her godfather, the King of England, to seduce the leader of the Scottish rebellion and reveal his secrets, she yearns to fight back against their cruel plot. But they threaten to kill her beloved cousin, leaving her no choice but to comply. As she grows close to Robert and the mask that hides the man who would be king is peeled away, she cannot imagine aiding in the destruction of the noble Scot bent on liberating his people.

Bound by duty and honor but ensnared by passion, Robert and Elizabeth must determine if they are each other’s biggest threat or greatest source of strength. And moreover, they must decide how much they are willing to risk for the one thing neither ever imagined they’d find with the other—extraordinary, boundless love.

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Publisher: Julie Johnstone

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Overall Rating: 5.00
Character Rating: 5.00
Story Rating: 5.00

This book mixes accurate Scottish history with a lovely romance. Robert the Bruce meets a young English girl, Elizabeth de Burgh, when her father was invading the Moray’s castle. Robert, and his friend Niall Campbell, had been commanded to invade the castle but they realize they’re on the wrong side. Elizabeth, disguised as a lad, was supposed to set fire to the outbuilding housing some captured Scots, but opened the door for the men to escape. While Robert, Niall, Lady Moray and their men fought, the English De Burgh tried to kill the lad. Elizabeth rips off her helmet and her father ceased action.

A few years later they meet briefly in Ireland as Elizabeth and her cousin Lillianna tried to escape from her family to France. Unfortunately, the man they hired was a swindler and never showed to meet them. Robert has never forgotten her, but Scotland comes before love. They meet again at King Edward’s court where Robert agrees to a temporary truce and hopes to gain information there. Elizabeth is brought to court to seduce Bruce into spilling his secrets but falls in love with him. They marry and live at his restored home in England while he plans to keep Scotland out of Edward’s hands. They have ups and downs as they sometimes believe the many lies surrounding them. They return to Scotland to fight for independence, but even among the Lairds there is discord.

I don’t think my review can accurately express how much I liked this book. It’s packed with romance, history, intrigue and wonderful characters – some real and others fictional. Julie Johnstone writes wonderful books Scottish books. I had a hard time not reading all night. It’s that good! I’m looking forward to the next one in this series.

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Overall Rating
5 / 5
Story Rating
5 / 5
Character Rating
5 / 5
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