Donna’s Review: The Highlander’s Welsh Bride by Cathy MacRae

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Donna’s Review: The Highlander’s Welsh Bride by Cathy MacRaeSource: Kindle Purchase

The Highlander's Welsh Bride by Cathy MacRae, DD MacRae

Date Read: December 2018

Genre: Historical, Romance

From the sweeping mountains of Wales where Prince Llywelyn made his last stand against the English, to the treacherous Isles of Scotland where Vikings and pirates rule the waters, comes a tale of betrayal and loss, deceit and passion. An epic tale of honor and the redeeming power of love.

It was over. Prince Llywelyn was dead, his soldiers fleeing before King Edward’s army. Carys, a distant cousin to the prince, herself a princess of Wales, had picked up arms alongside her husband more than a year ago in the fight for Wales's independence. Now homeless, her husband buried beneath the good Welsh soil, she seeks shelter in the north, far from the reach of Longshanks’s men.

It was time. Birk MacLean has been ordered to take a bride and produce an heir. He grows weary of the lasses paraded before him, women of delicate nature and selfish motives. He desires a wife strong enough to help lead one of the most powerful clans in Western Scotland.

One like the Welsh woman sitting in his dungeon, arrested for poaching MacLean deer.

Can Birk convince Carys marriage to him is preferable to a hangman’s noose? And will the heard-headed Scot be worthy of a Princess of Wales?

More Information:
Publisher: Short Dog Press
Series: Hardy Heroines #4

Also by this author: The Highlander's Viking Bride, The Highlander's Norse Bride
Also in this series: The Highlander's Viking Bride, The Highlander's Norse Bride

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Overall Rating: 5.00

Carys is a Welsh princess and distant cousin of Prince Llywelyn who was killed in battle with the English army. She is homeless, as her husband is also dead, so she and her brother, Hywel, go north hoping to find somewhere to live. They both are well armed and know how to blend into the forests. They get jobs on a ship going north. When the ship is hit by unexpected storms, Carys, the captain’s son Tully and his dog survived by tying themselves to the mast. She hopes to find Tully’s mother and siblings.

Birk MacLean has been ordered by his clan to find a bride. He wouldn’t mind a wife to help care for his two young daughters, but she must be strong to help him lead his clan. His father has given him a title and he must find a wife to give him an heir. Birk meets Carys as she and Tully have come ashore not far from one of his castles. He is unaware of her heritage but her skill with weapons is impressive and could be very useful. He marries her, but “neglects” to tell her he is the laird and has two young daughters, Eislyn and Abria. The girls love Tully and want him to stay and be their brother. His mother, Hanna, is not happy he wed without her, but she loves Carys for being kind to her granddaughters.

There is so much more going on with this family, but I will not spoil this wonderful book! If you’ve read Cathy & DD’s earlier books you might run into someone from one of them, but each book can easily be read on its own. One of my favorite things about these authors is they do their research and know the history of Scotland. This story is one of my favorites and I highly recommend it!

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Overall Rating
5 / 5
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5 / 5
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5 / 5
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