Donna’s Review: The Highlander’s Viking Bride by Cathy & DD MacRae

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Donna’s Review: The Highlander’s Viking Bride by Cathy & DD MacRaeFormat: Audiobook

The Highlander's Viking Bride by Cathy MacRae, DD MacRae

Date Read: May 2017


Calder MacGerry, laird of an impoverished clan, has resolved to end the bitter feud between the MacGerrys and Sinclairs. He jumps at Laird Sinclair’s offer of marriage to his only daughter, Katja, to seal the agreement between their clans—only to get more than he bargained for.

Katja’s chance to escape her father’s harsh treatment appears to be too good to be true. But becoming Lady of a clan that despises her because she’s a Sinclair, doesn’t make her life any easier. When the attacks turn deadly, she fights her way out, making a dangerous passage to the Shetland Isles for refuge with her Viking family.

Calder and Katja’s marriage, built on mistrust, rushes quickly into disaster. As Calder seeks to repair the damage, Katja discovers not another enemy, but a husband who pledges a new beginning.

More Information:
Series: Hardy Heroines #2

Also by this author: The Highlander's Norse Bride , The Highlander's Welsh Bride
Also in this series: The Highlander's Norse Bride , The Highlander's Welsh Bride

Received for Review (From Author)

The hardest part of writing a review is saying enough to entice you to read it without spoiling the story. This is a very good book with complex characters and a wonderful wolfhound, Freki.
Calder MacGerry never expected to be laird of his impoverished clan. His father is killed raiding sheep from the Sinclair’s land as they desperately need food. Calder has a younger brother, sister and clan to take care of and seeks a truce with Laird Sinclair. Laird Sinclair agrees to a truce if Calder marries his daughter, Katja. Katja is not well treated by her father and thinks to refuse until she sees Calder. Katja comes with a large “tocher” including land, supplies and gold from her grandfather. Calder does not want an unwilling bride, but her brother convinces him she will be safer with him as her father does not respect her. Her father insists she will be “wedded and bedded” and gone by nightfall.
Calder is pleased with his bride, but pays little attention to her as he’s busy preparing his clan for winter as they now have food and supplies thanks to her. Some members of his clan are not happy he married an enemy and want to harm her. She overhears something that makes her leave and head for her aunt and uncle’s home on one of the northern isles. A dangerous journey, even with Freki for protection.
And that’s all I’ll write as I do not like to spoil a wonderful story. My favorite, and true lines, in the story: “Remember, men are daft creatures and often do stupid things. ‘Tis in their nature. Dinnae be too hard on the lad when he comes beggin’ for forgiveness.” I highly recommend this book. Thank you Cathy MacRae for giving me this wonderful book to read.


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