Donna’s Review: The Heiress He’s Been Waiting For by Kaitlin O’Riley

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Donna’s Review: The Heiress He’s Been Waiting For by Kaitlin O’RileySource: NetGalley EBook Review

Format: eARC

The Heiress He's Been Waiting For by Kaitlin O'Riley

Date Read: August 28, 2018

Genre: Historical, Romance

In Victorian London, the Hamilton sisters are known for their bookshops—and for finding their happily ever afters on their own terms. Now, much to their chagrin, their offspring are following in their unconventional footsteps—in life and in love...

Raised in New York, shipping heiress Sara Fleming was ready to elope—until her disapproving parents tricked her onto a boat heading to England. Her only consolation is getting to see her beloved aunts and cousins. Even the start of London’s Season—and a strikingly handsome earl—can’t make her forget the man she left behind.

Considered one of London’s most eligible bachelors, Christopher Townsend, the Earl of Bridgeton, is not what he seems. Having inherited his father’s crushing debt, he must choose a wealthy bride to save his family’s estate. Though rumored to be penniless and committed to another, Sara takes his breath away—and makes him question what he truly needs to be free of the past. But he’ll have to win the headstrong beauty’s heart one kiss at a time.

More Information:
Publisher: Zebra
Series: Hamilton Cousins #1

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Overall Rating: 5.00

I am so thrilled Kaitlin O’Riley is writing again! Her first series about the five Hamilton sisters who run the family book shop is one of my all-time favorites. Those books have been re-read and sit on a keeper shelf. Her new series features the children of the Hamilton sisters and can easily be read without knowing the parents’ HEAs. Ms. O’Riley has done an excellent job of introducing the family for new readers.
Sara Fleming lives in New York and has a beau her parents don’t approve of. She was tricked by her wealthy parents onto her father’s ship headed for a family visit in London. She is angry with them but happy to visit her cousins, aunts and uncles. Her cousin Phillip’s friend, Christopher Townsend, Earl of Bridgeton is attracted to Sara even after she tells him she has an American beau. Christopher has inherited an estate deeply in debt with two younger sisters to care for. He knows he needs to marry an heiress but thinks Sara’s family is not wealthy. However, they are attracted to each other and can’t seem to stay apart. But what happens when her American beau shows up in London?
I have left a lot out of this review because I don’t like spoilers and this book has twists and turns that shouldn’t be revealed. My favorite line is by Sara’s Aunt Paulette: “I’ll never understand that mindset of not loving books.” If you love books, read this one! I highly recommend it.


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5 / 5
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5 / 5
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5 / 5
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