Review: Tempted by His Target by Jill Sorenson

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Review: Tempted by His Target by Jill SorensonSource: NetGalley EBook Review

Format: eARC

Tempted by His Target by Jill Sorenson

Date Read: October 2011

Genre: Romance, Suspense

Wanted for the murder of a Mexican drug lord's son, party girl Isabel Sanborn fled to Oaxaca. Now she owes her life to Brandon Knox, a passing tourist who just saved her from a hit man.But Knox is no accidental hero—he's an undercover U.S. marshal assigned to bring Isabel to justice. Instead, wanting to protect her, he joins her on the lam…with cartel goons and corrupt police in hot pursuit!

And as the danger escalates, sexual tension sizzles. For the first time in his career, Brandon considers jeopardizing his mission to safeguard his target. And though Isabel can elude the authorities,she can't escape her feelings….

More Information:
Publisher: Harlequin

Also by this author: Aftershock


Requested from NetGalley
Overall Rating 3.50
Story Rating 3.75
Character Rating 3.25

NOTE: This was a fun quick read that was action packed!

Quick Review for a Quick Read: I will admit I haven’t read Jill Sorenson but I am likely to in the future. Tempted by His Target with a quick, fun read with a few twists and turns. While I didn’t really connect with the romance, I felt that this might have been due to the length of the story. If it had just been a little longer I felt I would have cheered for them to be together. Now for the action, it was intense and fun! Seriously, I was really impressed with amount of rock-em, sock-em action there was in this story.

Why I gave it a 3.50: I felt like this was a great thrill ride story that was lacking a little bit in the romance section.


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Overall Rating
3.5 / 5
Story Rating
3.5 / 5
Character Rating
3.5 / 5
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5 responses to “Review: Tempted by His Target by Jill Sorenson

  1. Melissa (Books and T

    I think short stories are the hardest to write. So little time to create a connection. Still sounds like a fun quickie *ahem* when you want one. 😉

  2. Niina

    This sounds interesting. I haven't read Jill Sorenson either but might now. :DI love romantic suspense novels. :)Cool Halloween look on your blog!