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Hi y’all! Jennifer Trethewey was the Historical Romance Author winner in Sulty Listeners Awards for Tying the Scot narrated by Ruth Urquhart. If y’all loved that book, you are going to love the follow up even more! Betting the Scot was just fantastic. I have listened to this gem and adored it. Declan Sinclair is the kind of hero that you root for because he is just everything. So I am going to give y’all a sample of the book, the synopsis, and some buy links. I highly suggest you listen but if not at least read it. This series is really good!

Declan Sinclair is a Highlander who believes his dreams never lie. When he spots Caya at a public house, he knows instantly she is the woman in his dreams – his future wife. Though her brother had promised never to gamble again, he engages Declan in a card game – and the prize is the lovely Caya.

Caya Pendarvis has no time for childish things like dreams or fairy tales or love. She’s the sacrificial lamb on her way to the far north of Scotland to wed a wealthy merchant in exchange for settling her brother’s gambling debts.

Winning at cards is one of the many things Declan Sinclair does well. Unfortunately, the ability to court a woman – a talent he lacks – is the only skill he desperately needs to win Caya’s heart.


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About Jennifer: Jennifer Trethewey is an actor-turned-writer who has moved her performances from the stage to the page. In 2013 she traveled to Scotland for the first time, where she instantly fell for the language, humor, intense sense of pride, and breathtaking landscape. Her love for Scotland was translated into her first series of historical romance novels, the Highlanders of Balforss. The sexy, adventurous first book of the series, Tying the Scot, is set to be released in November 2017.

Trethewey’s primary experience in bringing the imaginary to life was working for one of the oldest women’s theaters in the nation, where she was the co-founder and co-artistic director. Today she continues to act, but writes contemporary and historical fiction full-time. Her other loves include dogs, movies, music and good wine. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband.


Find out more about #SultryListeners Historical Romance Award Winning Author Jennifer Trethewey's Betting the Scot!
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2 responses to “Spotlight on #SultryListeners Winner Jennifer Trethewey #LoveAudiobooks

  1. Highlanders are one genre I have actually never read!!!!! I will keep this one in mind for when I need a book for those occasions when I get challenged to read something “outside my norm”!!

    psssttt. time for fall wallpaper!! chop chop!! Stop working on the house and get to it!! hahahahaha!! 🙂