Speed Date Audiobook Review: Scandalous by Karen Robards #TakeControl #TBRTipping

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Speed Date Audiobook Review: Scandalous by Karen Robards #TakeControl #TBRTippingFormat: Audiobook

Scandalous by Karen Robards
Narrator: Justine Eyre

Date Read: March 1st 2001

Genre: Historical, Romance

England, 1810: When Lady Gabriella Banning receives word that her half-brother, the Earl of Wickham, has died on his tea plantation in Ceylon, she faces the reality that she and her younger sisters, Claire and Elizabeth, are suddenly penniless. The family's riches will pass to the next male heir -- a distant cousin -- and the Banning sisters are doomed unless Gabby thinks fast.

Which she does. Pretending that Marcus is still alive, Gabby arranges beautiful Claire's London season. She'll keep up the pretense just long enough for Claire to marry a fabulously wealthy nobleman. But when a handsome gentleman arrives at the door and claims to be Marcus, Gabby's plan backfires. For if she exposes this mysterious stranger's deceit, she exposes her own. Bound by secrets and lies, Gabby and the roguish adventurer strike sparks off each other -- and soon London society is abuzz over the scandalous pair of "siblings" who appear to be falling in love....

With this beautifully rendered romance, bestselling author Karen Robards begins a sweeping series about three unforgettable sisters poised to take the ton by storm.

More Information:
Series: Banning Sisters Trilogy #1

Also by this author: The Last Victim, Her Last Whisper

Speed Date Review

Speed Date Audiobook Review: Scandalous by Karen Robards #TakeControl #TBRTippingSpeed Date Audiobook Review: Scandalous by Karen Robards #TakeControl #TBRTippingSpeed Date Audiobook Review: Scandalous by Karen Robards #TakeControl #TBRTipping

Scandalous by Karen Robards

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Listened for fun (Audible)
Overall Rating: 2.50
Story Rating: 2.50
Character Rating: 2.50

Audio Rating: 4.50 (not part of the overall rating)

First Thought When Finished: I really loved the leading lady but I couldn’t fall in love with the hero *sigh*

Speed Date Review

First Date: Oh Gabby you are very brave or very stupid–either way I think you and I could totally hang out with a glass of wine! We could stir up some trouble in the name of making our siblings lives better! You go girl!

Second Date: Oh Nick! I swear I see moments where I think I could like you and then you just go do something totally arrogant and overbearing. Gabby deserves better and quite frankly she should have probably shot you in the rear (just saying)!

Third Date: Ummm huh? That ending was just not for me! Even if I was falling a little bit for Nick that just went and blew it! Plus, hello snotty sisters alert and they are the leading ladies of the next books *sigh*

Audio Date:

Narrated by Justine Eyre /LENGTH 9 hrs and 40 mins

I would marry the audio for Scandalous! Seriously Justine Eyre did such a wonderful job with all the voices, pacing, and emotions. I will be listening to more by her!

Relationship Status: I think the series and I are not going to work out. Sometimes that happens!

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10 responses to “Speed Date Audiobook Review: Scandalous by Karen Robards #TakeControl #TBRTipping

  1. Even though the story didn’t work, at least the narrator came through! Never a good thing when you don’t fall for the guy in a romance. I want to fall hard for the hero, not feel all meh about him.

  2. Snotty sisters, ugh no thanks. What is the deal with shooting him in the butt? That would be fun if she really did it. This is not something I usually see you read and obviously it didn’t quite work, oh well.