Speed Date Audiobook Review: Glory in Death (In Death, #2) by J.D. Robb #SeriouslySeries #TBRTipping

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Speed Date Audiobook Review: Glory in Death (In Death, #2) by J.D. Robb #SeriouslySeries #TBRTipping
Speed Date Audiobook Review: Glory in Death (In Death, #2) by J.D. Robb #SeriouslySeries #TBRTippingGlory in Death by J.D. Robb

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Listened for Fun (Audible)
Overall Rating: 4.25
Story Rating: 4.50
Character Rating: 4.00

Audio Rating: 4.00 (Not part of the overall rating)

Speed Date Review:

At first glance: This is my 2nd go around with JD Robb so it is more like a 2nd chance to fall in love.

First Date: Eve is back on the case in Glory in Death. She is an awesome cop and willing to do whatever it takes to solve the case. I love what a hard-nosed by-the-book cop she can be.

Second Date: I am starting to get the Roarke thing. I mean he gave her a room which just made me melt. I am coming to like them as a couple.

Third Date: What an exhilarating end! I loved how the case worked out and have to say that I am sold!

Audio Date:

Narrated by Susan Ericksen /9 hrs and 49 mins

I love Susan’s narration. I think her pacing is really spot on and her voice for Eve is perfect. I still don’t like her Roarke, it is growing on me πŸ™‚ I will be continuing these on audio!

Dating Status: Considering a relationship

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Speed Date Audiobook Review: Glory in Death (In Death, #2) by J.D. Robb #SeriouslySeries #TBRTipping

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27 responses to “Speed Date Audiobook Review: Glory in Death (In Death, #2) by J.D. Robb #SeriouslySeries #TBRTipping

    • I didn’t expect this series to work for me but I’m glad it does and I’m only on book 5 or something. I have such a long way to go πŸ™‚

    • I forget that it is in the future during the case part because she just uses old fashioned police work. That being said, yes it is set in the future. Yes there are flying cars. Yes they get test results back uber quick LOL

      I stayed away too because of the future thing but I have found it is far less annoying than I thought it would be.

  1. JD Robb another author I want to get around to. Maybe when I get caught up on a few meaty series. I think this might be a good fit for me.

  2. YEAH!!!! I love this series so much Felicia! I’ve fallen way behind though. I went straight through like 15 of them and then I took a break and am still 15 behind or something absurd like that. So glad your starting to love Roarke and Eve as a couple:)

  3. I haven’t read a JD Robb book yet. It’s on my list and I will get to it one day. At least the character voice is growing on you. I’m listening to one now and I really don’t like the male character’s “voice” in it. First time that has happened to where it almost distracts me.

  4. After having TONS of people tell I need to read this series (one in person that was a 70ish old lady that was drooling over Roarke and comparing him to Barrons from the Fever series) I grabbed a copy of the 1st book from my used bookstore. Can’t wait to see what all the raving is about.

      • Hi Felicia, I really do not recommend that. It is so much more fun to read them in order, and to see the development of their relationship, and of those around them. Eve is so often baffled by relationship things and rules. Of course, all they mysteries are stand alone, so for that you can read them in random. But it is their personal lives that add such a great atmosphere to the story.