#LoveMyLibraryCard Guest Post: Special Interest Displays by Finley Jayne

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Special Interest Displays by Finley Jayne

Hi everyone! I’m Finley Jayne, the blogger behind the eclectic book blog, Finley Jayne.  I read over 100 books a year and I get all of these books from my amazing, local library! Libraries have been an important part of my life ever since I was a child, and recently the librarian who gave me my first library card also gave my daughter hers. I believe libraries play a vital role in our communities and they’re something we should all support. That’s why I’m so excited that the focus of Felicia’s blog this month is on libraries. I love it when bloggers help spread the word about how awesome libraries are!

Today I want to share one of my favorite things about my local library-special interest displays.

These displays are set up in the middle of my library and each month one or two themes are showcased. All sorts of topics are featured, both fiction and non-fiction, and they’re a great way to introduce subjects that people may not be familiar with.

Examples of recent topics displayed at my library:

  • Vegan Cooking
  • Beach Reads (fictional books with a summer setting)
  • Local Authors
  • Quilting
  • Green Living
  • Canning and Food Preservation
  • DIY Projects
  • Biographies and Memoirs within a Topic (Comedians, Political figures etc)
  • Frugal Living
  • Gluten Free Baking
  • Seasonal Topics (Halloween, Christmas etc)

…and the list goes on! I’ve picked up several books from these displays and I’ve learned some interesting new things, as well as been introduced to new, favorite authors! These displays are a great way to show some of the different kinds of books that are available at the library!

Does your local library have these kind of displays? If so, what are some of the topics that you’ve seen displayed?

Felicia Here: OMG I love the getting how-to books at the library. I am having to do the DIY on my home due to budget and the library has helped with that A LOT! It has been an amazing resource for all those crafty, repair savvy, and decorating ideas. It was how I got so interested in my library again. The Specialty sections are ones I visit every time I go. The last display they had (in Plano) was on DIY curtains. I checked out two and as soon as I can dig my sewing machine out I will be trying one 🙂

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9 responses to “#LoveMyLibraryCard Guest Post: Special Interest Displays by Finley Jayne

  1. Rita H DuffyGal

    I love my local library system– it rocks! I have seen displays set up in my library all the time, especially by the children’s room. One they had set up recently featured all kinds of books about dogs, from picture books to adult books, because they have a therapy dog come in to the country branch from time to time and let kids “read to him”. It’s a wonderful idea and the display is a wonderful way to draw the kids (and their parents) into the room to participate. Thanks, Finley.

  2. Love the how-to books! I’m particularly obsessed with gardening books. If only I were a halfway decent gardener. That and be healthy books. I’m much better than that then gardening! Yay libraries!

  3. Let’s see, I go most week with the kids from daycare and I think the last display was Moomin cos it was the author’s 100th bday (even if she is dead, but oh well)

  4. I haven’t set foot in a library in over 20 years, I just have the need to own all my books. But I am really glad you both love them so much.

    • I wish I could own all my books then I would just use the library for their programs 🙂 However, I don’t have the room *sigh* or the pocket money LOL 🙂