Snagged @ The Library: Quilting Books, Shelley Laurenston, Rosemary Clement-Moore

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Snagged @ The Library: Quilting Books, Shelley Laurenston, Rosemary Clement-Moore

This week I snagged these books from Frisco Public Library, Plano Public Library, and The Colony Public Library. If you unsure of what kind of awesome things are offered by the library system please check out my post: Blogger Confession Library + Online Content = Greatness

I am going to change up the format a little this week since I am still waiting on the same holds as last week from Plano & The Colony

Frisco Public Library:

Frisco Library March 17

  1. The Mane Event by Shelley Laurenston (I actually have this one in audio but the first story in there was so steamy that I had to switch to reading it. I really enjoyed both stories)
  2. Spirit and Dust by Rosemary Clement-Moore (April Book Club read for The Cover Girls)
  3. Kaffe Fassett’sΒ Simple shapesΒ Spectacular quilts : 23 original quilt designs (I am trying my hand at quilting)
  4. Creative scraps : quilting with bits & pieces (Another Quilting Book)

Plano Public Library:

Still Waiting on Falling Light by Thea Harrison

The Colony Public Library:

Still Waiting on The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Note: I also checked out The Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell from The Colony Overdrive. I listened for about an hour and half (it was a DNF for me). The reason I bring this up is because this is one of those series that I LOVED the first 10 books (own them and reread them occasionally) but somewhere around book 15 I lost my love for the series. The library is awesome because I get the chance to pick up the new ones, try them, and see if I can catch some of that old magic. Just another reason the library is HANDY!


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32 responses to “Snagged @ The Library: Quilting Books, Shelley Laurenston, Rosemary Clement-Moore

  1. Yay for the library! I’ve heard really good things about Rosemary Clement-Moore but haven’t read anything by her yet. Happy quilting and reading!

  2. 1. I really like Rosemary Clement-Moore. Have you read The Splendor Falls? It’s been years, but I L-O-V-E-D it.
    2. I’ve had The Mane Event for ages, but haven’t gotten to it yet (story of my life), but I just saw on goodreads that you’ve already listened to this, so I don’t have to wait for your thoughts, LOL.
    3. I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO QUILT. Caps for I’m serious πŸ˜‰ One of my college friends makes beautiful quilts, but I don’t even know how to use my sewing machine :/

    • 1: I haven’t read her yet. This is my first foray into RCM and I feel bad because she is a Dallas Area Author!
      2: It was fun but STEAMY! LOL I blushed A LOT!
      3: I am teaching myself how to use a sewing machine by watching You Tube videos. We won’t discuss that it took me 2 hours to thread the thing. However, I now have it down like a champ LOL (I am still not to the stitching part but there is thread)!

      • Maybe this doesn’t matter (idk for sure b/c it’s the ONE RCM book that I haven’t read yet), but Spirit and Dust is the second book in that series . . . it looks like it’s a different character’s POV, so maybe it will be one of those separate story, same world situations. Just in cases you did not know πŸ˜‰ and notes to self: be prepared to blush, and find youtube sewing videos.

  3. Beth

    Love Shelly Laurenston’s stuff. Hope you enjoy them all too. I’m anxiously waiting for the newest Pride book that will be released next week. She also has another series about dragon shifters that she wrote under the pen name G.A. Aiken. I love those too.

    • I know my library has the next one so when I have an open reading it spot it is on my list πŸ™‚ I really enjoyed the first (two)–both made me laugh and the characters were fantastic. I need to try the dragon shifters…I love dragon shifters!

    • I am going too as soon as I find one *sigh* however next weekend I am going to a crafters marathon to meet some of the quilters there! Looking to get some tips and inspiration πŸ™‚

  4. The library is so great. I go all the time with the kids and we check out tons and tons of picture books. I see you are really getting into your quilting. I made a few quilts a few years ago but with kids, I don’t have time anymore. I think it is awesome you are making such wonderful heirlooms.

    • I am trying. I haven’t touched a sewing machine in over 20 years so it took 2 hours to thread LOL. However, I am having fun learning. πŸ™‚ Hoping to make lots of Christmas presents.

  5. I have only read the Magnus Pack series by Shelly Laurenston, I think I’m going to check her Pride series too.
    Good luck with quilting, I’ll be following your progress on Facebook. πŸ˜‰

    • I read the first in that one but the second one wasn’t at my library. I have it on hold so I decided to try The Pride series. Same humor, smexy, and great characters. I was loving it!

    • That is the best thing about libraries. I use them to try out new authors to see if they go on my forever shelf and it helps me with series that lose their shine but I feel like I still need to give a whirl LOL

  6. Hahaha! The Mane Event to hot for your ears? WOW! But you know what? I actually do prefer reading the steamy scenes, a least lately, or maybe I’m in a little of slump from overly hot scenes.

  7. Book 15??!! I’m surprised you loved it through book 10 lol I don’t know many series that can maintain quality that long these days.

  8. So, I was talking about your quilt making and your pictures of what looked like your 5K t-shirts…? Anyway, my daughter is determined that she wants to try it because she has the sewing machine, just gave up working on it because it was pretty confusing. Now she wants to give it a try too, and I am hoping she uses the old gymnastic competition t-shirts from my son’s gym days. I will suggest to her these books you picked up. Also, is that book club read YA? I thought I saw that it was so haven’t picked it up yet.

    • I had a blast with it. The first story I listened too and my cheeks were so read that I was like “oh heck no, I have to read these”. I loved Dez–she was a fun lead character. I didn’t like Shaw’s story as much but it was still good! I will be picking these up and reading the rest.

  9. I’m forcing myself to start looking for books I want to read at the library first, before I go buy them (except the ones I HAVE to own). That’s how I used to do 90% of my reading and I NEED to get back to it! So far I have three books I’m planning to read that I found at the library.

  10. I hate it when a favourite series turns into a DNF, but 15+ books is definitely a good run. You’re teaching yourself how to quilt? That’s amazing. It’s fun to see your creations on Instagram. Sewing has never been my strong suit, so I won’t be joining you anytime soon. LOL

    • I haven’t touched a sewing machine since I got a C in Home Education because my puff skirt was uneven (that was circa 1986 LOL). I have had to do some seem ripping but it has been fun trying. I am sticking with it because I love quilts! I am hoping this is a cheaper way to have a few more LOL