Donna’s Review: Scandalous by Minerva Spencer

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Donna’s Review: Scandalous by Minerva SpencerSource: NetGalley EBook Review

Format: eARC

Scandalous by Minerva Spencer

Date Read: September 24, 2019

Genre: Historical, Romance

"Have you no decency?"

Straight-laced missionary Sarah Fisher has never met a man like Captain Martin Bouchard. He is the most beautiful person--male or female--she's ever seen. Overwhelmingly masculine, elegantly attired despite months at sea, he is in complete command of everyone and everything around him: everyone, that is, except Sarah. But that's about to change because Sarah has bought Bouchard's mercy with the only thing she has to sell: her body.

"None at all . . ."

In spite of her outrageous offer, Martin has no doubt Sarah is a virgin, and a most delectable one at that. But instead of bedding her, he finds himself staring down the muzzle of his own pistol. Clearly, the longer she stays on his ship, the greater the chances that she'll end up its damned captain! Most infuriating of all, she looks past his perfect exterior to the wounded man inside. Can Martin outrun his scandalous past in time to have a future with the first woman to find and capture his heart? Praise for The Outcasts series

"Fans of Amanda Quick's early historicals will find much to savor." --Booklist (Starred Review) "Wicked repartee, savvy wit, and energetic libidos." --Publishers Weekly "A remarkably resourceful heroine who can more than hold her own against any character invented by bestselling Bertrice Small . . . deliciously fun retro flavor." --Booklist (Starred Review) "Sexy and wildly entertaining." --Bookpage "Spencer shines . . . an author to watch." --Kirkus Reviews

More Information:
Publisher: Zebra
Series: The Outcasts #3

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Overall Rating: 5.00

This book is wonderful and I’m trying not to spoil anything in this review.

Captain Martin Bouchard, former American slave, escaped and eventually met Hugh Redvers who hired and taught him about ships. Martin now uses his ship to rescue Africans on the way to Europe or the United States to be slaves.

Sarah Fisher’s parents were English missionaries and she was born in Africa. Due to her parents and many villagers’ deaths, she and the remaining villagers left to find a new home. They were taken and forced on a slave ship. Martin rescued them.

Eventually they return to England where Sarah discovers she has relatives and money. Martin doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. It’s a truly wonderful read through the conflicts, love, uncertainty and eventually a HEA! Minerva Spencer is an automatic buy for me. If you haven’t read her you’re missing wonderful stories.

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5 / 5
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