#TBRJar Review: Savage Pride by Cassie Edwards

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#TBRJar Review: Savage Pride by Cassie EdwardsSavage Pride by Cassie Edwards

Date Read: July 2015


She was a fiery hellcat who could shoot like a man, a ravishing temptress with the courage to search the wilderness for her missing brother. But Malvina was only a woman with a woman's needs and desires. And from the moment Red Wing swept her up on his charging stallion, she was torn between family duty and heavenly pleasure.
A mighty Choctaw warrior, Red Wing ws tantalized by the blistering sensuality of the sultry, flame-haired vixen. But it would take more than his heated caresses to make Malvina his own. Only with a love as pure as her radiant beauty could he hope to claim her heart, to win her trust, to tame her...Savage Pride.

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Series: Savage Secrets #12





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Overall Rating: DNF

First Thought when Finished: Savage Pride by Cassie Edwards is part of a series that I truly love but unfortunately this one just didn’t work for me.

DNF Thoughts: This was pretty typical Cassie Edwards writing (which I really enjoy–it harkens me back to when I first started reading romance) so nothing wrong on that front (though for those that are used to stories now this is a different type of writing). The problem was more just not enough story depth. It looked like it was getting good but 125 pages in I just couldn’t wait any longer.I may revisit this one day but for now I just can’t see me doing. I do think though that Red Wing ad Malvina deserve an HEA (them I really liked).

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8 responses to “#TBRJar Review: Savage Pride by Cassie Edwards

  1. I enjoy this author as well!! But I really have to make sure I am in the mood for her style before I read her. But all the books I have read from her have been good, but they are old style romance, but they take me back to the days when I first started reading romance., which was the “Older Style”. Too bad you didn’t enjoy this one though. I do like a story with depth., you connect more with the characters and the story if it has a good solid story.

  2. Too bad on this one Felicia, especially since it’s part of a series you really enjoy. It’s hard to get into a story when it feels like we’re just skimming the surface and ultimately getting no where. I need depth for sure!